The start of a Man United LOSING streak?

by admin

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

As a Leeds fan, and therefore Premier League ‘neutral’ I enjoy nothing more than to see Manchester United lose, so Sunday’s news was well received. But it did come as a surprise (unfortunately) that a side unbeaten in the league all season, couldn’t manage to overturn relegation candidates Wolves.

Despite taking more than twice the points Wolves have taken from 25 games, you still couldn’t say Man United have been playing well. Not just by their standards, but by the standards of their competitors too. Maybe it is Chelsea and Liverpool’s snowballing decline and Arsenals trade mark inconsistency that has kept Man United at the top. Maybe they are just jammy. But after a week where two of Fergie’s minions announced their retirement, Man United suffered their first loss.

I think once a club gets into a pattern, it is very hard to break out of it, be that a winning or losing trend. Man United were beginning to win game after game, and so teams who faced them lacked confidence. Let’s face it, they have been on the verge of being beaten, most recently with Blackpool, who threw away a 2 goal lead last Tuesday. Man United seem to be doing just enough to get by, eventually beating Blackpool 3-2, not playing particularly well or aesthetically pleasing but getting the job done.

So does it even matter that a team isn’t playing well, as long as results are alright? I think it does. Think about Jose at Inter, boring-hell football, but trophies thick and fast. So a lot of fans would argue that they don’t care how Man United play, they just want silverware. But if I’ve paid, in the first place, far too much for my ticket to a game, I want to be entertained as well as win the game. If I go and see Leeds lose, which let’s face it, happens, I’ll be content as long as we pushed forward and tried to create attacking football.

So is this just a blip for Man United, or is the beginning in a slump in results? It could be the latter. With the Manchester Derby looming next Saturday, and with the inevitable media hype that will circulate in the build up, (to what will probably be a poor game on City’s part), the pressure will be on. A bold statement, but if Man United don’t win on Saturday, I don’t think they’ll win the league.

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  • Mystical Mike

    They finally ran out of luck! They had tons of luck last season too, remember Sunderland at home? Losing 2-1, then they score in injury time with biggest deflected goal you’ve ever seen. And what about the West Brom away game? Losing 1-0, WB miss a penalty, Gary Neville hacks down a WB player and escapes a red card. This defeat was coming long ago.

    How ironic that they’ve only lost to the worst 2 sides in the Premier League!

    The league is wide open, Chelsea look like gonners and the Gooners look liek throwing it away again. Maybe Man City might snatch it, god I hope not!

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