The tides are turning at the Riverside

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Boro on a roll

I was unfortunately up north a few weeks back watching the Irons serve up their 2nd worse performance of the season in front of a 2/3rds full Reebok Stadium. I left the ground bang on the whistle without the 3 points I wanted but with a couple of impressive pies that had been keeping my hands warm and were duly munched as I made my way back to the hotel near Manchester airport (In 25 mins too, The Reebok is right on the motorway, respect to the town planner massive!!!).

Back at the hotel, I was at the bar chatting to a lovely couple from the North East who were telling me about their fanatical support for the Boro, they did every game and few aways although I think they were in Manchester for a wedding but were catching up on the tinternet. They were telling me about the general feeling down at the Riverside and the loss of confidence in Gareth Southgate and Steve Gibson’s loyalty to him. I could see their point, in the relegation zone without a win in ages let alone a goal in something like 9 games. It was 0-0 that afternoon with Wigan at home and it was the final straw for these fans. They wanted Southgate out. I tried to sympathize, stating that Currishly had a similar run 2 seasons ago before the miraculous great escape. The couple wasn’t having it and fully expected the dismal run to continue with the FA Cup game which was against West Ham last Wednesday. Added to this was the club trying to make the club into a Teeside library by telling the supporters to keep the noise down, which actually seemed to worked in their favor.

Moving on, what difference a week makes. West Ham duly saved up their worst performance of the season for the ITV viewers and The Smoggies took full advantage with a brilliantly accurate free-kick from Downing and a goal from Tuncay who ran himself into the wet Riverside turf. I was of course gutted in my corduries and cried into my claret & blue pillow but thought to myself, this will be the turning point for Boro. On Friday myself and the UKFF Bossman were laughing at Lawro’s Predictable Predictions (where only 2 scores ever exist 2-0 to the big four and 1-1 for everyone else) when the Borough v Liverpool came up. he actually broke with tradition and said 1-1 to a big four. I went one better and said to the Bossman, it’s turnaround time, Boro are gonna do an Irons circa 07, they might get more than a point. 24 hours later and wallop, he went down (as Chas & Dave used to sing). The one down was Benitez who had pretty much gift wrapped the title for Fergie.

If Southgate and The Smoggies can get something from White Hart lane tonight against a knackered and dejected Spurs side then I’m positive they will not only stay up, but may end up making the semi final of the FA Cup too. Although the Smoggies will be quick to point out the last time they actually reached the FA Cup Final they were relegated.

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  • Stevie

    is it another false dawn? Boro fans more than any other fans seem to ride the football rollcoaster every season. Consistently beating the top teams then Consistently losing to the rubbish ones….

  • Darren

    Boro’s form over the last few season goes something like this

    W,W,D,D,D (5th, finally looking good for a top 6 finish)
    L,L,L,D,D, (mid table no goals in 7)
    L,L,L,D,D (here we go again, going down, doomed)
    W,W,D,L,W (End Arsenals and Liverpool’s long unbeaten runs, staying up)
    L,L,D,D,D (Back to normal, going down)
    W,D,D,D,W (Beat Man United staying up!)

  • http://- pqr

    “Consistently beating the top teams then Consistently losing to the rubbish ones….”

    So tonight’s prediction might depend on what you think of Spurs. So 1-1 it is.

  • Stevie

    say no more….

  • jackie

    I think we’ll (boro) will survive by the skin of our teeth…

    last day of the season…no juninho crying on the pitch this time.

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