The Traditional League?

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

This Sunday was fairly familiar for me. I was sporting a cracking hangover and woke up wondering what happened the previous night. The ‘Big Clash’ of the day, as usual, didn’t match the hype that it was given. Patrice Evra failed to remember he’s a great left-back against Chelsea and an angry Scotsmen made more comments about a referee.

However, the Chelsea-United game wasn’t the match that made me feel sick. It wasn’t the beer either. It was the fairly entertaining game at the JJB, sorry I mean the DW stadium. Either way, they are both shocking names. However, the most imaginatively named stadium has to go to Cardiff City and their new ‘Cardiff City Stadium’. At least Newcastle have a dot com to boast about.

It wasn’t the Stadium that made me feel sick. It was the empty seats within. I think it is appalling that a Premier League game could only muster a mere 16,172 supporters. Maybe we could blame high ticket prices? Perhaps you could blame the opposition? Or perhaps we could come to the conclusion that Wigan are not a Premier League team. Never have been and never will be.

I am a traditionalist. You might say I’m a little bitter and jealous, being a Derby fan, that my team are no longer in the top flight. I like big teams in the top leagues. I like teams with great tradition and more importantly, with great support. I don’t like the ‘fairytales’ of smaller sides in the Prem. They are mostly due to rich owners rather than good management. With attendances such as Wigan’s their survival surely can’t be sustainable. Wigan fans must dread the day when DW’s ticker stops.

In the Championship there were 7 fixtures with higher attendances this weekend and that doesn’t include League One fixtures that could be played Leeds, Charlton, Norwich and Southampton.

A couple of weeks ago, along with a few mates, I drew up our ‘traditional’ league tables and I can tell you that Wigan didn’t fair well. In fact, if they got relegated they wouldn’t even be in the Football League. That is what would happen in my perfect football world. I can also tell you that Hull didn’t fare well either.

I want the Premier League to be reclaimed and have a more traditional look.

Who’s with me?

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  • Stevie

    The Man United game was very dull, two sides scared to lose, with no attacking flair what so ever.

    As for Wigan, well, it’s a simple one, it’s a town full of Rugger Buggers, even if they were top of the Premier League they would still struggle to fill that ground. Wigan, are not a big side, where as there are 5 or 6 very clubs playing championship football, it’s that simple

  • dexylongshot

    Me and a few of the chaps have had similar convos before about who would be in a traditional type league is we look at teams we have seen over the course of our lives. As a nipper, I remember games against Notts County, Ipswitch, Wolves and of course Derby whoo were flying high in my infancy. We should do this as a few future top 11s of in this case top 20…or 22. We can base them on our own thoughts and also of titles held, years in league, silverware to appearance ratios and of course, World Cup winning players to club ratio!

  • Mike

    You can’t blame the opposition!

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