The Trials and Tribulations of Arsene Wenger

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

As the pivotal game for Arsene Wenger’s future gets under way, I cannot help but reflect on the tribulations Arsene Wenger is currently facing.

Wenger, undoubtedly, has been one of the most successful managers of our time. However, I must ask how long Arsenal can live in the past? This isn’t a reference to the Arsenal fans, because we all understand their frustration and their needs for a trophy. I don’t think I have met one Arsenal fan at present, who can deny that Arsene’s time may be up. This is aimed at the Arsenal board. Why is it taking them so long to face the fact that Wenger;s career at Arsenal is over.

I don’t question whether he is a good manager – I strongly believe that he is. What I do believe; however, is that his time with the Gooner’s is drawing to a close. For years people made excuses for Arsenal and as to why they are not winning a trophy – it’s the same story every year. It is time to stop waiting for these ‘youngsters’ to flourish and grow, it is now time to spend.

Football is similar to politics, managers are similar to politicians – it is tough to acknowledge you are at fault and it is ever harder to admit your tactics need to change. As naïve as this may sound, I am sure Arsene is feeling somewhat similar to David Cameron – stuck on where to go next. Is it worth admitting you were wrong, or is it easier to simply carry on a hope for the best. I guarantee you that most fans would be more content for Wenger to put his hands up and make a change.

The Emirates stadium did put Arsenal in a strenuous financial position, and Wenger, whom I give credit to here – did assist the club in getting out of that financial dip. He wasn’t selfish and never complained about not having any money to spend – he simply got on with it and did the best he could from the grass roots. However, one can’t help but think that this financial dip must be over – Arsenal for the previous few years have been making extraordinary profits. Although their club has not won a single trophy in nearly 7 years, their fan base still keeps growing. By Arsenal playing the ‘beautiful game’ to an extent, they have attracted hundreds of thousands of more fans around the world. Isn’t it now time to reward them?

I am a Spurs fan, so saying that isn’t easy – and in theory I don’t want Arsenal to win anything, but I cant help but empathise with the Arsenal fans who have stuck by their team for the sake of the beautiful game. To tell you the truth, I am sure many Arsenal fans would forsake a more beautiful game for a trophy – if that is what it took?

The problem Arsenal face is that the fantastic players – and we have seen this of recent – will leave the club. Fabegras and Nasri have already left, so how long will it be until Walcott, Van Persie and Wishere leave? Lets be honest, they aren’t going to remain at a club that wont achieve during their football careers? It is a painful, ongoing cycle because if those key players decide to leave – it will be ten times harder to attract other big names. By the time those potential ‘talented youngsters’ flourish in to true Premier league players – it will be too late.

Wenger has some serious decisions to make – either spend now and admit you are wrong – or its time to leave for the sake of the club.

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  • ne

    now he need strengthen the team…….

  • Adam King

    A great post, Georgia.

    However, you didn’t mention the fact that since David Dein left the club (and maybe also since the untimely death of Danny Fizsman), Arsene has not got an ally in the Boardroom.

    Dein was responsible for giving the green light for the transfers of (among others) Henry, Fabregas, Van Persie, Ljungberg, Campbell and Lehmann. Those players have rightly become legends of the club. Dein had faith in Arsene and Arsene rewarded Dein by moulding a team that would not only win the domestic competitions but would fight for European honours.

    Fast forward back to the present, and there is trouble brewing in the Boardroom. Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith has left, and made her feelings known, and the battle for power between Usmanov and Kroenke still wages like a mini cold war.

    Should Arsene go? My thoughts are ‘yes, but not yet’ – we don’t have a suitable replacement for him. Mourinho? Possible, but he’s all but certain to take over from Sir Rednose of Salford once he retires. As much as I hate to say it, I can see Mourinho going there over The Emirates. Capello? No way, I’d sooner us merge with the Spuds of WHL! O’Leary? Maybe…but he has been out of management for a while since leaving Elland Road. Would the lure of the top job tempt him? Adams? Very passionate and well respected to this day, but has achieved little at Wycombe and Portsmouth.

    Here’s my top 5 choices to replace Arsene:

    1. Thomas Tuchel (Mainz) – has worked wonders at Mainz, making them contenders for honours in Europe
    2. Karl Robinson (MK Dons) – very good young British manager, and was a coach at Liverpool since the age of 20!
    3. Paul Lambert (Norwich City) – linked with Liverpool before the return of King Kenny. Also a Scottish manager (and there’s a few good ones in the Premiership this season!)
    4. Laurent Blanc – (France National Coach) – has won honours both as a player and manager – a good outside bet.
    5. Ciro Ferrara (Italy U21s) – a Napoli and Juventus legend who managed the Bianconeri in 2009-10. One to watch.

    Arsenal need to learn to let go of Wenger’s apron-strings. Nottingham Forest kept Brian Clough on too long, and paid the price. Arsenal cannot afford to do the same.

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