The Trouble with Chelsea

by admin

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Lost, languid, lonely… Ancelotti stood motionless on the touchline, both hands thrust in pockets, his mood no doubt as black as his winter over-coat.

In complete contrast was the mood of the scoreboard operator at The Emirates Stadium. Surely not even he could have predicted that Arsenal would gobble Chelsea up like a box of posh truffles being offered around on Christmas Day.

But that they did, 3-1. A tasty and nourishing win it was for Arsenal fans who have for so long been starved of success over their so-called ‘top four’ rivals.

Fact: If Bolton beat Chelsea in their own back yard this week then Chelsea could be as low as sixth.

I write as a concerned fan, ultimately an outsider then, with no knowledge of what really goes on behind closed doors but I’ll try and answer this question anyway… What is the trouble with Chelsea?

Looking already beaten as they strode out onto the pitch at Arsenal, and before that Spurs and Marseille, the mood amongst the players looks markedly different, as if something has shattered, as if something is broken. I read a blog yesterday suggesting that Chelsea’s crumble is down to their lack of form and lightweight squad. That’s like saying it rains because the sky is full of moisture. A bit bleedin’ obvious and it still doesn’t point to why things are the way they are.

Seeing pictures on TV, nobody looks happy and with the exception of a couple of players, nobody looks willing to fight to the death for the Blues. Stunned into submission before they even get off the team bus.

For a professional footballer, after fitness, motivation is the biggest driver of performance. It’s the defining characteristic of all the top players across the world, they want to win and when they win, they want to win better next time.

I don’t see that in Chelsea. A shrug of the shoulders and “we must play better” isn’t really the comfort I’m satisfied with as a fan.

As much as I rate and respect the manager, the ashen, down-trodden look on the touchline week in and week out is getting a little bit boring. On the pitch I’m tired of crosses and set-pieces that can’t beat the first defender. From the outside looking in, the very reason each and everyone one of the Chelsea players chose to become a footballer appears to have been bludgeoned out of them.

The Blues poor form in the league is only slightly better than Fulham. Chelsea are displaying relegation form. Unthinkable, you say? This is football, I say.

It’s purely conjecture, speculation and guess-work. But let me offer up a reason as to why a club who has previously steam-rollered so many clubs in the past is now limping towards the January transfer window in search of a few deals.

There is a crack at Chelsea’s very core and, whatever it is, appears to be bleeding through to the players and the staff. Something is eating away at the passion and performance at the club and it needs to be remedied if they want even Champions League football next season.

For decades the world has laughed off the chances of a team like the Netherlands winning a World Cup because of their apparent self-destructive nature. Is this Chelsea’s greatest test? Having to overcome themselves?

Now that would be the stuff of true Champions.

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  • Jj

    ID b very worried if I was a Chelsea fan, the squad is weak, very weak, in fact it’s so weak that Kalou starts every game, he’s a mid table player at best.

    Throwing millions at this team in the Jan transfer window might not b enough I’m afraid. There’s something deeper going on here, Mayb one day well find out what.

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