The Ulimate 11’s – Arsenal

by Mystical Mike

Monday, August 24th, 2009

The week’s Ultimate 11 is one of our most loyal members and top boy Teflon. You can usually find him moaning about Nicholas Bendtner or slating Newcastle in the Den.

Do you really know your clubs proud history or are you just a teenage glory hunter? (not mentioning any names from the Kings Road). Remember you must pick a decent 11, not 10 forwards and a goalie. We’ll have a butchers and I’ll give my verdict from Mustard to Pony. E-mail your team to


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  • Darren

    quality team although I would have had both Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn in there, 2 of the most underrated players the game has seen. Dixon also took a good penalty!

    And where’s Liam Brandy?

  • Tef1on

    The problem is there is just too many players which could go into this team… There has been so much talent over the last 20 years that it is simply impossible to fit in, Players like Dixon, Winterburn, Smith, Thomas (should be in just for the 89′ goal), Petit, Keown, Merson etc the list goes on and on. But this i feel is the strongest of the lot!

  • Dan

    although Merson was a top player for Arsenal he wasn’t good enough to make that team, the same goes for Cesc, we haven’t won anything with him in the side, so I would have gone for Petit.

    Ian Wright was an Arsenal legend, how could you leave him out? Imagine Wright & Henry up front with Bergkamp playing behind, dream team or what!!

  • Tef1on

    Arsenal have always played 44-2, if you were to shuffle things around then you’d have to take players out and put other players in, based on a 4-4-2 this is in my opinion the best squad. Bergkamp was a much better play maker than Ian Wright, Dennis and Thierry were the ultimate strike partnership, In saying Arsenal won nothing with Cesc/Mers then you are also saying they won very little with Wright but they won a load with Bergkamp and Henry… See what I have done there?

    No doubt Wrighty was a legend, but he’d only make the bench behind two of the best strikers the premiership has ever seen!

  • Darren

    Wrighty is my all time fav too, but Henry has to be in there, he’s our all time top scorer after all and a total legend!

    Sol Campbell should be in there over Steve Bould, he was a better all round player, and part of the invincibles!

  • Dexylongshot

    Sorry Gael has won f’all while at Arsenal, Ashley Cole was arguably the best left back in the world at the 2002 world cup and Kenny Sansom was a true legend at Arsenal, 312 games as well as 86 caps for England (a record for a left back i do believe).
    Liam Bradys omission beggars believe. Player of the year 3 years on the bounce and PFA player of the year 79ish. Ok only 1 FA cup win but they reached it 3 times and he was the best player on the pitch (apart from Sir Trev in 1980!).
    Talking of Paddys, Pat Jennings???, bigger hands than Kenny Everett’s vicar!!!

  • Darren

    Dexy has a point, on pure footballing terms Cole is a better left back, and so was Samson, 312 games, how many games has Clichy played? Plus he hasnt exactly had a good season!

  • Dave

    Two words: Pat Rice


  • Tef1on

    Remember this is a team of players from when i have been alive… So forget anyone who played 70’s to mid 80’s. As for Sol and Cashley… I could never place a player in this team who threw a hissy fit and refused to play for the club again… Both left the club on bad terms and then continued to bad mouth the club and its staff… for that reason these players do not deserve to be in any “Legends” squad.

  • Tef1on

    Clichy has made 158 starts and 29 sub appearances for Arsenal in the League, FA cup, Carling cup, and Europe. That really speaks loudly for a 23 year old!

  • Darren

    we haven’t won anything with Clichy, I’m a massive fan of his but we won stuff with Samson & Cole!

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