The Ultimate 11’s – Aston Villa

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, April 13th, 2009

This week it’s the turn of Polo player and all round good chap Matt Quin’s best ever Aston Villa side. He may be a Hooray Henry but does he know his football?

U11's - Aston Villa

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  • Stevie

    Earl Barret? Is he havin’ a laff?

    Where’s Peter Withe, or Gary Shaw?

  • Matt Quinn

    A henry henry? I resent that, old bean. Its all an act…. only went abroad for first time when i was 16, had small house in Birmingham, shop in ASDA, never played Polo.

    Earl Barret was a great defender… The song went, “You’ll never beat Earl Barrett”… and it was true.

    Also, im only 28 so his competition is Mark Delaney, Fernando Nelson or Simon Grayson.

  • Darren

    what about Marlon Harewood? If he was there, Villa would still be in 4th. Is that 2 points from 18?

  • Dexy

    Earl Barret, dear on dear, he was Pony as! All I remember was he had no first touch, looked uncomfortable in possession, the kind of player that when he kicked the ball it rolled down his leg before his foot made contact.

    Darren tells me you played Polo for your county matt? Henry Henry here we come (Sorted)

  • Darren

    you mean you had 16 rooms in your Birmingham house?

  • Tef1on

    Ugo Eghioug? Savo Missalotovic? Olaf Mellberg? Andy Gray? I seriously would have 2 of those 4 in the team!

  • Darren

    Teflon mate, you put Stephen Hughes in yours, say no more!

  • Tef1on

    True, But Hughes had potential to be really good! Same as Stuart Taylor (who is now at Villa) great keeper but never broke through because of Big Dave.

    How long was Mellberg at Villa for and wasnt he better than Laursen?

  • Matt Quinn

    Mellberg was a great servant but not in the same league as Laursen. I loved Mellberg but his distribution was probably worst ive seen in a defender. Laursen is widely acknowledged to be our best defender since McGrath…. and they both have dodgy knees.

    Also, i never really saw Andy Gray so cant comment on him or any of our European cup winning team like Brian Little, Gary Shaw, Peter Withe etc….

    Ps… any of you London clubs ever won the European cup? Nope. Thought not.

    Pps. I also used to love Savo Misalotavic… he was a very decent striker but we gave him no service. After he left us, he was top scorer in Spain and in Euro Championship.

    ppps. Ive never played Polo. Ive only ridden a horse once. I didnt like it either. Bloody scary.

  • jackieemu

    tony morley? dennis mortimer? nigel spink? dean glover?

  • jackieemu

    tony morley, dennis mortimer, nigel spink, dean glover…? many played after 1981/2

  • Darren

    I’ll upload yr Arsenal one soon Teflon, we can all debate yr selections then.

    Dennis Mortimer as in right the theme tune Dennis? Oh no, that was Mortimon wasnt it!

    Tony Morley was class, as was Gary Shaw, flip floppy blonde hair, excellent winger.

    A London club will win the CL this season, MMW!!

  • jackieemu

    garry thompson was always a great player up front for villa…

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Gordon Cowans?

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