The Ultimate 11’s – Crystal Palace

by Mystical Mike

Monday, July 13th, 2009

The week’s Ultimate 11’s is Crystal Palace’s poshest fan and wine connaisseur Simon Phillips. Simon is well known for his legendary dancing, he once pulled 8 girls in one night without uttering a single word. Phillips performs his moonwalk dancing routine during the half time interval at selective Palace home games. To book a ticket for Simons next one man show e-mail Dexy.

Do you really know your clubs proud history or are you just a teenage glory hunter? (not mentioning any names from the Kings Road). Remember you must pick a decent 11, not 10 forwards and a goalie. We’ll have a butchers and I’ll give my verdict from Mustard to Pony. E-mail your team to

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  • SImon F

    I would like to meet Simon as we are looking for a new moonwalker to join our Jacko 5 tribute band, has anyone got his contact details?

  • Darren

    Lombardo was average at Palace, if you’re going to put big names in you might as well put in Thomas Brolin, quite possibly the fattest player ever to grace the English game!

  • Daveyboy

    Dont forget Mickey Quinn

  • Dexylongshot

    Chris Coleman was there a few years before blackburn & management, surely he was a match for Big Eric???

  • Tef1on

    Thomas Brolin anyone?

  • Tef1on

    ah crap Darren, didnt see you write that

  • Darren

    Thomas pudding was legend at palace, he was so unfit that he kicked the ball s kebab fell out of his shorts

  • Dexylongshot

    Had he had an operation downstairs then kebab-wise, it certainly looked like he’d a boob job up top. A gender bender Jennifer Saunders/Dawn french cross breed……in a yellow sweden top.

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