The Ultimate 11’s – Leeds United

by Mystical Mike

Monday, April 20th, 2009

This weeks Ultimate 11’s is Karl Savages Leeds United. Now they may have the most hated team in the history of football but they certainly have a wealth of talent on the pitch.

Do you agree with Karl’s selection? Is he a Leeds Guru or is he a muppet?

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds

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  • Tef1on

    Good team… Just missing one player in my opinion… Tony Yeboah?

  • Darren

    Good point, Tony Yeboah was class, that goal he scored at Selhurst Park was one of the best goals ever scored.

    Harry Kewell should get a mention?

  • Karl Savage

    I agree with Tony Yeboah needing to be included, I feel bad about that but I was making sure I followed the rules of not choosing half a dozen strikers as they’d all have to be on the imaginary pitch at the same time. Maybe I should’ve given him a nod to the bench at least?

    And Harry Kewell, would always be a contentious decision whatever I decided on that one – he is at Galatasary and so I slighted him for that reason alone over his footballing ability. Should I, shouldn’t have I? Hey, It’s my 11, I make the rules!

  • Matt Quinn

    Ian Harte? Pukka?

    Worst defender ive ever seen.

  • stevie

    Gary Kelly Pukka is even worse. Dexy, sort it out mate!

  • dexylongshot

    Ian Harte was probably more a moist thoughtful nod to his glory days for Ireland back in the day.
    I’m 3/8s paddy don’t you know, to be sure.

    Yeah, sorry Stevie Gary Kelly is average, I might even go one further and put a my little pony in his awards cabinet. I would have put Kewell in there. For a couple of seasons, he was pukka, I quite fancied his bird as well before she went all orange.

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  • vedran

    And what about Mark Viduka… he is special one…

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