The Ultimate 11’s – Liverpool

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, April 27th, 2009

This week total muppet is Bits n Bobs Ray from London. Now Mr Bob probably had the best squad of all time to choose from yet has somehow managed to select 3 center backs with their all time top scorer sitting on the bench. The term square pegs round holes springs to mind.

Do you agree with Mr Bob’s selection or does he seem like the kind of fan who watches 2 Liverpool games per season?


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  • Ray Stantonberry-banks

    great choice…strange you left out David Speedie, Torben Picnic and Julian Dicks

  • Darren

    Gary Abblett, Rob Jones, David Ngog & the original Spice Boy Phil Babb!

  • rob pullinger

    rubbish, utter rubbish, definately not liverpool’s best eleven…………he’s a MUPPET….

    i could pick a better squad……

  • Bobby

    Quite possibly the toughest of the lot. There have been so many Liverpool greats over the years.

    Torres is world class but they haven’t won anything with him in the side. Therefore I feel he shouldn’t be included just yet.

    There are a few omissions that need to be considered.

    Ray Kennedy
    Roger Hunt
    Emlyn Hughes
    Jimmy Case
    Phil Thompson

  • Darren

    go on then Rob, give us your best 11.

    I do think Rush is the greatest goal scorer of our generation therefore he has to be included…

  • rob pullinger

    What about Bruce Grobbalaar, Ron Yates, Emlyn Hughes, Roger Hunt, Steve Highway, Alan Kennedy, Phil Thompson, Phil Neal..just to name a few better choices…..

  • dexylongshot

    I’d put Rush over both Torres and Fowler. Aldrige also had a wicked record but was only there for a few seasons. I might have to knock up a top tache scouse 11. Keegan was European player of the year and still can’t get in. There is just so much quality in there……..and Steve Nicol.

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Tommy Smith must get in at Centre back purely for being the hardest player ever, if not him then our Emlyn, or Mark Lawrenson. Sami is good but come on…….and Heighway over McManaman every time on either wing. He was a schoolteacher you know……

  • rob pullinger

    Here you Dexy, here’s my team, thou i must say very HARD to do…..

    GK – Bruce Grbbalarr
    LB – Alan Kennedy
    RB – Steve Nicol
    CB – Alan Hansen / Jamie Carragher

    RW – Andy Liddell
    LW – John Barnes
    CM – Steve Gerrard / Graeme Souness (CAPT)

    ST – Kenny Dalglish
    ST – Ian Rush

    SUBS – Ray Clemence, Mark Lawerson, Phil Neal, Phil Thompson, Tommy Smith, Jimmy Case, Emlyn Hughes, Steve Highway, Roger Hunt, Kevin Keegan, Robbie Fowler.

    Think this team would be AWESOME, but as i say very hard to pick, your views…….

  • Ray Stantonberry-banks

    Nice to see Nicol retains his postion…..Emlyn Hughes and Alan Kennedy is a good shout.

    David “supersub” Fairclough on the bench???

    do you mean winger “Billy” Liddel???

  • Darren

    Andy Liddell? Didn’t he play in the 1920’s?

    The team does have a good balance though, although I’d have MacMananam on the right instead of Liddell as we’ve never seen him play.

  • dexylongshot

    I might plump for Jason McAteer purely because he gave me a drunken piggy back in Ayia Napa just after Euro 96 as Jamie Redknapp looked on laughing. Phil Babb was too busy chatting up some skirt to notice. Seriously thou, Rob, your team isn’t too bad at all although never seen Liddel play.

  • rob pullinger

    Liddel was class, , although like you have never seen him play, im told he was mustard as you put it…..posibly the best winger liverpool have ever had……do some research on web…..

  • James Webb

    Cant believe nobody has mentioned Steve McMahon, Ray Houghton, Ronnie Whelan, John Aldridge, Jan Molby or Peter Beardsley. They were awesome in the 80’s !!!

  • Matt Quinn

    I thought Bits and Bobs Ray was a Fulham fan?

  • dexylongshot

    Do you remember the Anfield Rap, mac mac McaMahon McaMahon. Sounnnd! Good call on Beardsly.

  • Darren

    John Aldridge only played for Liverpool for 2.5 years, although he did score 83 goals.

    Bits n Bobs has been to more Fulham games then Liverpool. Ray, can you do your best Fulham 11?

  • Tef1on


    No Robbie Keane???

  • Darren

    what about Neil Meller?

  • Jude

    Come on guys, Nicol was class – Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year in 1989, and totally versatile. A better player than Phil Neal, although Neal was handy in case of penalties. As for Barnes, Rush and Keegan as subs… what planet, as they should definitely be in the starting lineup – all Liverpool legends. Good call by Bobby, Torres is top-class, but early days and Liverpool have won nothing with him. Rush and Dalglish are the ultimate frontline pairing. And why Gerrard wide left, who is this guy… Steve McLaren in disguise.

  • José

    I can’t believe no one has given Xabi Alonso a mention, he has been Liverpool’s best player this season and has been at the club for years.

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