The Ultimate 11’s – Premier League all stars

by Mystical Mike

Monday, August 17th, 2009

The week’s Ultimate 11’s is Micky Marbles’ Premier League all stars. Now this proved to be a lot harder then he thought as we restricted his selection to 3 players max from each team, otherwise it would have been an Arsenal & United 11! So do you think you could come up with a better team then that?

Do you really know your clubs proud history or are you just a teenage glory hunter? (not mentioning any names from the Kings Road). Remember you must pick a decent 11, not 10 forwards and a goalie. We’ll have a butchers and I’ll give my verdict from Mustard to Pony. E-mail your team to

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  • dexylongshot

    Can’t argue with that really Mickey. The only reservation I have is Carragher at right back, who else is there. Johnson!

  • JJ

    Great shout, although I would of put Lampard in there somewhere, he has been one of the Prems most consistent performers over the last 6 years.

    I know it’s only 3 per team but you could of put Rio in there as he played for Leeds and he was mustard then!

  • http://www, Jay29ers

    No Cantona? Seriously?! I am not ok with this.

  • Stevie

    You can’t leave out Scholes, Keane & Giggs which was the finest midfield the Prem has ever seen. It does say you can only pick 3 max from each team. Its a tough one but I reckon he’s done a good job!

  • chef derek

    its easier making comments
    than makin the list lol
    im finding that out right now.:O)

    but now i get me chance for me own two pence
    the lad did good enuf mind
    its even enough
    but no schmeichel or cantona ??

    and ginola !!!!!!
    ive seen him play more than enuf mind and he woudnt make my ultimate 11 reserves
    all puffed up fench wind and piss….fleetin glimpses of brilliance
    but they can all do that at this level…or are supposed to anyway

    again tho its a hard task fittin the he did a good job overall

  • Ash

    Think i’d have Viera instead of scholes, and Bergkamp and Gerrard have to start for me. Also Cech is not in the league of Schmichael or Seaman

  • Iain

    That is a good team. possibly the best team I fear that mine would be a bit different though;

    GK Peter Schmeichel
    RB – Rob Jones
    CB – Marcel Desailly
    CB – Paul McGrath
    LB – Ashley Cole
    Mid – Steven Gerrard
    Mid – Roy Keane
    Mid – Juninho
    Support striker – Dennis Bergkamp
    CF – Thierry Henry
    CF – Eric Cantona

    Obviously playing in a 4-3-3 formation. There aren’t that many good right backs from PL history, are there…..

  • Matt Quinn

    Carragher at Right Back???

    Has no-one heard of Gary Charles, Mark Delaney, Fernando Nelson, Simon Grayson???? Fine right backs one and all.

    Or, seriously, how about Red Nev? Like him or not, i think he’s been the outstanding right back in the Premiership over the years… but maybe im a sucker for a union man with a ‘tache.

  • dexylongshot

    Red Nev is the best but there are just too many good Mancs. I would have had Rio as well. SorryI think Cantona is over-rated, no denying his class but not in my 11. Scholes would be the first name down. Fergie would agree, and Zidane.

  • Jj

    As uncle mickey said in that article, it’s 3 max from each team, it’s not a united 11 is it?? Rio, ned red, cantona means no giggs and scholes, also ronaldo doesn’t even get a mention when he dam well should!

  • Stevie

    what about Lauren? No one has mentioned him… As for Ginola, I don’t think so somehow! Surely Ronaldo should be there?

  • Daveyboy

    Lauren???? LOL!!!!! I thought Lee Dixon was a decent RB

  • dexylongshot

    Dixons a good shout although he had good players alongside him. Julian Dicks, Pearce.
    Where’s Ruddock!!!

  • chef derek

    …..totally on his own

    ibet they wished they had him now………:O)

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