The Ultimate 11’s – Spurs

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, November 30th, 2009

We first ran the Spurs Ultimate 11 way back in 2008, at the time Spurs were heading for the Championship. Along came Harry Redknapp and in the space of a year has turned them into a side playing exciting football and a team capable of replacing Liverpool for a Champions League spot.

James Webb from AW London FC gave us his best Spurs line.

Do you really know your clubs proud history or are you just a teenage glory hunter? (not mentioning any names from the Kings Road & Eastlands). Remember you must pick a decent 11, not 10 forwards and a goalie. We’ll have a butchers and I’ll give my verdict from Mustard to Pony. E-mail your team to

U11's - Spurs

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  • Darren

    no Gazza in the starting line up? Ossie’s knees went all trembly but Gazza was much more influential. Good side but its to attacking, you’d leak goals for fun. Nothing new there then!

    Hoddle was one of hero’s when I was a kid though, he was the original Matt Le Tis.

  • James Webb

    That must have been hard to admit Darren lol !!! Hoddle was also my favourite player growing up with Waddle a very close second (mullets all round). Hoddles goal against Oxford is one of my favourite ever. Nutmegging the last defender near the half way line then tricking the keeper into diving before rolling the ball into an empty net. If you have never seen it its worth a look!

    Probably some debate to my selections but remember this is my favourite XI not necessarily the best ever. Not many players from the 70’s but I was too young to remember them so thought it was only fair to put in players I can say I have seen play live.

    Dont forget that Hoddle played a lot of his time holding midfield alongside Ardiles. It was also a tough choice to pick Allen over Lineker both had similar records but Clive’s 49 goals in the 87 season got him my vote.

    We have had some superb attacking players and not many defenders where in contention. Hence why Ledley is the only current player to make the squad. I even considered Richard Gough for his one season. He played with Mabbutt the last time we finished in the top 3 in 1987. He left to go back up to Scotland with Rangers and won everything in a 10 year dominance over Celtic. I’m sure had he stayed we would have gone on to achieve much more in the 90’s.

  • tef1on

    I know he spent most of his career injured… but no Darren Anderton?

  • Darren

    Hoddles goal against Watford is my all time favourite goal

    I modeled my whole football career on that goal!

    You must have seen me try that turn a few times in the UCF derby games?

  • Brian H

    Some quality attackers in that side, however, the defence is pretty Coldplay.

    As Mr Dex rightly points out, Ledgley King is indeed Coldplay. Reason being, he can’t play more then 2 games per month. Which brings me to ask, what the hell is he doing in the England squad?

  • James Webb

    Even I think King’s inclusion is a bit strange. There is no doubt even with one leg he is better than most if not all the english centre backs in the country but there is no way he could play a major part in a tournament. I was however surprised that Woodgate didnt make the squad and Upson and Lescott did. Maybe Capello is thinking that apart from King nobody comes close to Terry and Ferdinand and having King on the bench is an ideal solution.

  • dexylongshot

    I’m not so sure about ledley either, what’s the use of taking an injury prone half fit player to a major tournament. Look what Owen said last week about his fitness for the last World cup. A disgrace. I’ll be blogging about the forthcoming England games later in the week. As for Tottenham, how the hell has anyone not mentioned Klinsmann. Pure Klass!

  • Bakes

    Thanks for the video of Hoddle’s goal. One of my all time favourites as well. What a player Hoddle was.

  • Jay

    Looking at this 11 there are 2 glaring omissions, surprisingly enough they both played for Arsenal.

    Pat Jennings & Sol Campbell, if the Ultimate 11 is based on ability, then surely big Sol should be there? Forget about him leaving Spurs to win trophies with Arsenal, at his peak he was world class.

    Jennings played 590 times to Clemances 330.

  • James Webb

    Jay, like I said earlier my side is based upon players that played for spurs since I have been watching them. No point me picking players I have never been to see myself. I admit Jennings would be the keeper for most Spurs best XI’s, either him or Ted Ditchburn keeper in the 50’s / 60’s but again ive never seen them play. Did Campbell play for Spurs, It seems to have been erased from my memory.

    I didnt forget Klinsmann but didnt think he warranted a place over Sheringham, Allen or Lineker.

    If anybody can find the Hoddle goal on video against Oxford in 87 please post it. Cant find it anywhere on here.

  • Hayley Thorpe

    Interesting 11 but i would have had Ledley King in my actual team and definately Sol Campbell also.
    We’ve had some amazing strikers over the years but as James webb said i would have to agree that Mr Sheringham would be in my team over Klinsmann although you can’t fault the man tho. I would have gone for Sheringham and Keane myself.

  • Dexylongshot

    Just been discussing the 11s with bossman and surprised no one has mentioned Steve Archibald, he was one of the best players in Europe in the mid 80’s. Garth Crooks too, well maybe not Europe (don’t laugh)

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