The Worst Premier League Season Ever?

by Mark Smith

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Has this season been the worst ever for quality and consistency, I think so. I haven’t known a season which has been so unpredictable, there has been more twists and turns in the title race this year than I care to remember. Arsenal looked like strong contenders and this was despite losing to Chelsea and Man Utd home and away. Alex Ferguson ruled out Manchester United for the title after drawing at Blackburn recently  but then Chelsea losing to Spurs put Man United back in with a shout. Chelsea have put 7 goals past three different teams this season in Sunderland, Aston Villa and Stoke yet I have not been that impressed with Chelsea this season, they don’t excite me and play very rigid.

Over in Manchester and Wayne Rooney has been single handedly carrying United through the season, without Rooney who knows where United would be sitting in the league this season. Arsenals performance at Wigan the other week just about sums up this season for me, crazy. Wigan would probably have been relegated if it wasn’t for victories against Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal this season!! The relegated teams this year have been oh so bad, I haven’t know three worse teams in the Premier League for years and much to West Ham’s delight (who find themselves safe on a shocking 34 points). Hull have been showing relegation form for 18 months now, while Burnley admitted relegation back in December when appointing Brian Laws to take over from Owen Coyle and financially ruined Portsmouth had no chance after the 9 point deduction but yet still find themselves in the FA Cup Final!?!

The so called big four even underperformed in the Champions League this year with Liverpool limping out in the group stages, Chelsea being outdone by Inter Milan, Man Utd blowing a winning position against the Germans Bayern Munich and Arsenal being torn apart by the rampant Barcalona. Where do the English clubs go from here in the Champions League? It was certaintly a humbling experience for the English clubs this year in Europe’s top competition.

Of course there has been some success stories this season – Spurs, Villa, Birmingham and Fulham all deserve a mention as teams who have performed above their expectations. I would actually rate Spurs as probably the team of the season so far for me and their performance against Chelsea last week was immense and they should have won 4-0! Spurs currently lead the race for 4th place and Champions League football next season which would be a fitting tribute to Harry Redknapp’s team although the way the season has gone so far it wouldn’t surprise me if there is another twist yet.

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  • Matthew

    It’s actually made it better, it shows that the so called lower teams are making it difficult for the “big four” would you have prefered to have the same 3 sides running the show?

    Chelsea and Arsenal went out, against top sides, was it really surprising?

    United should have gone through, but they ruined it themselves – I support them by the way.

    Liverpool, well I have no idea what’s going on there.

  • Brian

    I agree with you. This year the season has been so unpredictable. Who would ever think United would lose to Burnley and Chelsea to Wigan. Its been a poor season overall. Hope the next season will be one to remember.

  • Mookle

    You say “I haven’t known a season which has been so unpredictable, there has been more twists and turns in the title race this year than I care to remember” – how does that make it bad? Does the fact that there’s a bit of inconsistency upset you? Surely that’s what makes it a good season. The fact that Burnley can beat Man Utd and Wigan can beat Arsenal at least makes things interesting instead of “The Big 4” continually strolling to routine wins. I say bring on the unpredictability – it’s fantastic that we’re still guessing who’s going to win the league and who will get into the last Champions League spot with three games left to play. You sir, are an idiot.

  • James

    Or Best Ever? On the other side of the coin, it’s great to see that there is no clear cut leader, a race to the finish on two front with all three of the remaining ‘big 4’ vying for first, and four hopefuls still in the running for a position that in any other sport would simply be out of the medal table, but here in the beautiful game…

    As a Spurs fan I should be moaning at this time of the season about what could have been (still am to an extent at our loss of points to some of the unfortunates in the drop zone).

    The only thing that’s really missing is a last minute scrap to see who’s avoiding taking The Toon Army’s place in the Championship!

  • Rob

    “yet I have not been that impressed with Chelsea this season, they don’t excite me and play very rigid.”

    Well, as long as you’re not impressed, perhaps they should pack up their boots and go home?

    Sorry, who are you? More to the point, why the hell am I reading this drivel?

  • Mark Smith

    If people actually read the first line of the post i say “Has this season been the worst ever for quality and consistency, I think so.” Meaning I dont think i could put my hand on my heart and say one team has stood out and is derserving to win the league, all of the top teams have been so inconsistent. Its ironic that Chelsea hammer teams by 7 goals and yet no one is purring about them in the way people did about Man Utd and Arsenal when they play attractive, winning football.

    All in all its been a crazy season and yet despite my own team having a stinker, I have enjoyed the Premier League this year.

    Rob – I am stating MY opinion on Chelsea, they havent impressed me this season – just an opinion. If people cannot express their opinions anymore then god help us..

  • Mes

    I’m not sure how old you are but in a way this season has reminded me of how football used to be before the Premier League and Oligarch investors. Back in the 70’s & 80’s any team from around 9 or 10 had a realistic chance of winning the league and it was extremely rare for the same side to win the league 2 years running. This meant that there was a thrill of excitement at the start of every season because there would always be one side who would come out from nowhere to compete with the ‘big boys’ (Who in those days were the likes of Leeds, Man U, Liverpool & Everton).

    Sides would be inspired by good coaching to gain success, not just by money. That was what made the achievements of people like Brian Clough so special – He took two sides (Derby & Forest) to the title and even took Forest to win two successive European Cups.

    What you are seeing now is top clubs reliance on money to achieve success and the effects of the banking collapse. None of the top sides could strengthen during the transfer window allowing some of the young talent to stay at the smaller clubs. For one small moment, the gap has been closed between rich and poor and the effect is there for you to see.

    The EPL and the Champions League have pretty much been the death of football as a competitive sport for all those outside the top four (I never thought I’d be excited about competing for fourth) and this season has been a refreshing change.

  • Game Killing Big 4

    If Mark Smith read the first line of the article which is “The Worst Premier League Season Ever?”

  • Mark Smith

    Ok, maybe the title can be interpreted in different ways but what im getting at is the quality this year has been terrible in the Premier League. Look how easy it was to survive in the Premier League.. I would be surprised if any of the relegated teams make it to 30 points!!

    Mes – my first memories of football was around 1988/89 as an 8 year old Liverpool fan and I agree with all of your points.

  • JB

    I’ve loved the inconsistency of it all. I don’t think any of the “big four” were in the position to invest heavily last summer on major signings. There was no Kaka, Ribery, Benzema, Eto, Ibrahamovic, etc coming to the Premier League where as in previous years there was every chance they would be. Manchester United lost the best player in the Premier League to Madrid. There are still some outstanding players in the Premier League but the resources of clubs other than Manchester City seem to be on the wane. Europe was bound to come back to the English clubs sooner or later. This looks set to continue with the 50% tax rate coming to the UK soon. Playing in England is becoming less attractive as the gravy train begins to come to a halt.

    Chelsea have played some incredible football at times as have Arsenal and Man Utd. However, defences have suffered this season. This has produced a great season for me.

    It is poor that 34 points is enough to keep the Hammers up. Having said that, there are still two games to go. I cannot remember the last time all the relegation places were decided with 2 games to go. I am hopeful that reality might be beginning to take hold of the Premier League. Portsmouth in administration and quite a few more, if we believe what we read are or have been very close to this. It is very refreshing to see a team like Spurs come through this year. If they can keep the squad together and add a few more in the summer, they could do even better next season. I despise the whole concept of the “big four”. We want different teams doing well. We want different managers showing us what they can do. If you are an 18 year old supporter and have been watching football for ten years let’s say, you have not known much other than big 4 dominance. Hopefully, this season is a watershed and this will begin to change.

  • Darren

    this made me laugh though!!

    Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is ready to offload Emmanuel Adebayor, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Bridge and Stephen Ireland and will make a £50m bid for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres.

    All the fuss when Emmanuel Adebayor left us, we all knew it would end like this!

    I think it’s been a good season, the top 4 didnt spend and the league has been better for it!

  • Gary

    No wonder you think it’s possibly the worst season ever for quality and consistency! YOUR A LIVERPOOL FAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Darren

    come on, we all know Liverfool have a divine right to finish in top 4!

  • Mark Smith

    The points I have made regarding the teams at the top and bottom proves the lack of quality this season compared to previous seasons… and I think there might be a slight bias on my part as Liverpool fan but you cant argue with the facts and the league table.

  • Knowone

    Villa has performed quite as expected. A couple of points more than yesteryear and no crash and burn at the season’s end, consisting a natural progression.

    Had we progressed more than could be expected, we’ve secured the 4th spot by now.

  • Mark Smith

    Good performances in the Cup for Villa this year, very unlucky to lose the carling cup final to Wayne Rooney.. I mean Manchester United and Villa unlucky again against Chelsea in the FA cup semi final. Both games there were questionable refereeing decisions against Villa.

  • Darren

    if the the top 3 don’t spend, and I mean spend well then we could well have a big 6 next season.

    I just hope anyone but Cieth win the league

  • Mike

    It’s been a bit of a shambles on and off the pitch this season but fundamentally not much has changed. The worst team will go down and the best team will win the league. Having said that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the title race this season, it’s just a shame that Arsenal couldn’t put the Wigan game to bed

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