Theo Grande

by Mickey Marbles

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I hate that I do!

Arsene’s been whinging again, spouting some sphill about the player Fabio calls our most important. The lad Walcott and how he is being overused and will he burn out by next summer. Mmm, let me think, 2 extra England games, is that really gonna push young Theo over the brink, I don’t think so Arsene, or don’t you see it like that?

The Arsenal prodigy has started just 13 times since last October and been a sub 4 times. Of those 13 games, he lasted 90 minutes on just 1 occassion, the FA cup against Chelsea. In my later teenage years, you played the full 90, every game, every season and there were no subs in those days neither.

I hate that I do!

After the two world cup qualifiers, Theo will then head to the under 21 Championships in Sweden and I he bet he is itching to get some decent playing time under his belt. I’m sure Fabio and Psycho feel the same for the whippet winger, especially with the massive loss of Danny Welbeck & Captain Steven Taylor with injuries. Fabio in particular will want to see how Theo plays at both levels. He rates Walcott very highly and it comes as no surprise that on the continent, many U21s teams play established internationals in the under 21 games. That is probably why we have won it once. Capello’s Italy have won it 5 times, not to mention 4 World Cups.

I wonder if Wenger would practice what he preached if he was in charge of The French National or U21 teams with a young Nasri or Benzema at his disposal.

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  • James

    Walcott is an enigma, apart from that Run at Anfield and hatrick for England what else has he done?

  • Michael

    He can’t really shoot either- at least not for Arsenal

  • Ash

    No pace, no player. See Wright-Phillips/Lennon

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