Things can only get Blatter

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Monday, December 5th, 2011

Considering the fact that Sepp Blatter has been working for FIFA for the best part of 40 years, it is remarkable just how good he’s gotten at annoying football fans, or should I say English football fans.

Now if any other 75 year old man with a degree in business and economics (and has never played professional football) walked into your local and started spouting their nonsense opinions about how issues such as racism in football can be solved with a handshake, I’m sure he would be told to pipe down and get out with some colourful language thrown in for good measure. It’s just a shame we can’t do the same with Blatter.

Taking a look at some of the blunders made by our current FIFA President makes for some very interesting reading. Financial mismanagement, allegations of corruption, sexist and homophobic remarks to the press and of course recently we were treated to his ridiculous thoughts on how best to deal with racism on the football pitch.

If the head of any other international organisation had a rap sheet like Blatter’s then he would be out of a job faster than you can say ‘football’s coming home’, yet he manages to cling onto the Presidency like some third world dictator who has conditioned most of his people into believing he’s the last leader standing.

The prospect of England leading one of those revolutionary overthrows of Blatter’s regime, which are all the rage these days, seem pretty remote and with him winning the last election (if you can call running unopposed an election) it seems we will be forced to put up with him for the time being.

So what hope does England have for the future? It seems strange that currently England has no representative on FIFA’s executive committee considering the global popularity of the Premier League and the fact that we invented the game, so I’d say the chances of having an English president in the near future are about as likely as seeing Fergie in a Liverpool shirt.

The best chance England has for a future FIFA president will most likely come in the form of an ex-global superstar with a desire to lead. Maybe David Beckham fancies doing some night classes? But in the mean time what FIFA needs is a president who is a real football man, someone who’s qualifications are his international caps as well as his administrative experience.

It seems a strong possibility that the current UEFA president Michel Platini, will be the man to step out of Blatter’s shadow, and as a candidate who has both the status of a legendary player as well as experience as the head of European football he may just be the one to make FIFA a more respectable and fairer organisation for both England and the world. After all its not as if the French have ever held a grudge against the English…

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  • Patrick Coyne

    Great post. What I find even more incredible than the fact Blatter gets consistently re-elected is the fact that the only dissenting voices seem to be from the UK. With the his recent “leave it on the pitch lads” racism furore, it was only widely reported and condemned in Britain. Crazy!

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