Time For England To Ditch Terry For Euro Qualifier

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Friday, September 2nd, 2011

There comes a point in every player’s career when they must be sacrificed in favour of a younger man. The natural order of football means there will always be a new model, keen to take your place in the side. This is even more pertinent in international football, with players increasingly wanting to extend their club careers.

Chris Smalling is expected to start in tonight’s match, and we should applaud Capello for taking a chance on a young player who was turning out at non-league Maidstone United in the not-too-distant past. But this decision, for me, doesn’t go far enough.

England should take the rest of the qualifiers as an opportunity to fill the squad with a new generation of players, allowing them time to play together and to learn each others strengths and weaknesses before the next couple of major tournaments.

This means ditching several players from the current squad. First to go should be John Terry.

The Chelsea captain is a shadow of his former self, not hitting the form he was producing under Jose Mourinho for a couple of seasons now.

It is time for a change in the old guard, to rid the squad of the old fashioned mentalities that have been so unsuccessful in recent years. We no longer need Terry, a player more suited to a seventies hackfest than contemporary international football.

A player has emerged who has the potential to be better than Terry ever was, and has the guile and range of passing to see us into this new era, Phil Jones.

The central defender’s impressive start as a Manchester United player has shortened the time that Terry has left as a member of Capello’s first choice eleven. The former Blackburn defender may appear to be a player in the Terry mould on first evaluation, he certainly has the strength and aerial ability to match him, but he has already shown an awareness for a pass that Terry has never had.

If we have learnt anything from watching England in the past few years it is that the current system does not work. The two most successful sides on the planet, Spain and Barcelona, play a unique brand of football, based on dynamic team structure and complete possession.

Surely this is how we want England teams of the future to play?

And we can’t do that with old fashioned players like Terry in the side.


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