Time for Torres to Go

by Nick Weaser

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The Daily Telegraph kindly awarded Fernando Torres 5 out of 10 for his performance against Manchester United this weekend. Never has a player been so lucky to even have received that: El Nino was shocking. I anticipate that many die-hard Liverpool fans will bring up the same old rhetoric; “his supply from the midfield is inadequate”, “he always plays better when Gerrard is on the pitch” and so forth. These points I do not dispute, after all, the only bit of real ‘Nando magic that I have seen of him this season came from an excellent through ball from Stevie G against Bolton. However, what I am arguing is that his demeanour and swagger on the Old Trafford pitch yesterday suggested a man that wants out of Liverpool, and fast.

There is no question that the man was absolutely fantastic in the early part of his Anfield career under Rafael Benitez. He was quite simply, unstoppable. Yet this season, and it may have a lot to do with no longer having the connection with a Spanish manager, or even Spanish players, Torres has been worse than David N’gog; and that is saying something.

Nevertheless, it is not merely his poor performances that have disappointed me so greatly. It is also his attitude. Torres was one player I used to consider a genuine footballer; professional, sincere, passionate, and honest. However, in every game I have seen him in this season he has moped around the football pitch like a child that has been denied his pocket-money. He has repeatedly stared at his fellow players with a look in his eye that suggests ‘I cannot believe I have to play with such mediocrity week-in-week-out’.
I can hear the response already: “But that fact is that he IS having to play with terrible players”, and, yes, it is a point that I cannot deny. Nevertheless, the man is a professional. He is being paid a vast sum of money to play for Liverpool, and as a result he should be busting his balls to get what used to be such an immense club, out of the mire that it is currently in; not sulking his way through matches. You do not see Steven Gerrard acting in such a juvenile manner.

If ‘King Kenny’ cannot get more out of ‘Nando, maybe it is time for him to go. Realistically Liverpool are looking at a three-year plan to get themselves out of this horrendous situation. If it were me, I would be searching for passionate players eager to get the club back to the top, and dispose of the players that are merely going to be looking forlornly at the ‘good old days’ when Liverpool was a top-four side; bring in Bent, and say ‘ta ‘ta to Torres.

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  • http://www.pbase.com/leighite/photoshoots Dave


    Torres had to play on his own upfront against the league leaders from the 30th minute onwards. Hardly a fair assessment of a player in his first game under a new manager who will obviously re-energise the club.

    Come back in May and we can re-evaluate the situation.


  • Babeling-on

    Well said Dave…
    Just makes me laugh how quick people are to judge when theres a turn of form. Wednesday he could score a hat-trick against Blackpool, but would you still think he should be sold?

    Pathetic article, couldnt even be bothered to read the rest of it. Just wanted to leave a comment to make you realise how much what you think is relevant.


  • Neil

    An interesting read until you said the word ‘Bent’.

    Clearly just writing to kill time and take the piss.

  • Nick Weaser


    Don’t make the mistake that this is based on one game. Torres has been poor all season, with or without Gerrard playing. The man has scored 6 goals all season. I’m sorry but Darren Bent’s and Andy Carroll’s support is inferior to Fernando’s and they have each scored 11 this season.

    I hope that you are right about Kenny re-energising the club, and that its not just another case of football clubs resorting to appointing their heroes (i.e. Keegan and Shearer at Newcastle). Liverpool desperately need Dalglish to work.

  • scouser

    Well said dave.

    Time for Torres to go. hahaha.

  • Paul

    Torres was once player I used to consider a genuine footballer; professional, sincere, passionate, and honest. However, in every game I have seen him in this season he has moped around the football pitch like a child that has been denied his pocket-money. He has repeatedly stared at his fellow players with a look in his eye that suggests ‘I cannot believe I have to play with such mediocrity week-in-week-out’.

    Liverpool fan myself but must say I agree with the above sentiment. Only time will tell though mind you. We’ll see how he responds to a few weeks training with Kenny. Poor form from a player I,or any fan, can tolerate. Poor attitude is another matter altogether. No doubt he’s a quailty talent but he’s also a hugely privileged person. He’s not just paid handsomely to work in the job he loves, he’s also playing for one of the most historic clubs in world football. It wouldn’t hurt if he remembered those two most important points from time to time. Hope he does come good. He’s done enough to deserve the support of the fans until such a time does eventually arrive.

  • RedMist!!!

    Under Roy Hodgson it was time for Torres, Reina, Johnson and Agger all to go!

    Under King Kenny it only time for Konchesky, Jones and Poulson to go!

    Nick Weaser….get a grip!

  • Imran

    Thankfully you are not in charge. You do not sell your best players if they have had bad games or even a bad season. The fact is there are too many mediocre players in the team around Torres, Gerrard, Reina, Cole and Agger. We need quality in other positions to make this team reach it’s full potential and when it does it will be a very hard to beat team. It all starts with a winning mentality manager and in King Kenny we have finally got that. Bad times? Yes. But there is at last light at the end of the tunnel. Now we must stand united withour manager and team and be the 12th man in every game. Keep the faith. YNWA.

  • hadi

    i agree with torres he is got no service torres u know we love u!!!!??? u r king of the club pleas show is ur TAG and be happy come back to ur best we wil never for get u every one talk about u in said and out said we got big big ricepect for ya i hope TORRES read this comment LFC FAN thank u

  • http://www.pbase.com/leighite/photoshoots Dave


    If you don’t want us to assume that your commentary is based on the one game then you shouldn’t open with a full paragraph about that one game and choose the day after that same game to post such an article.

    I agree that Torres has not been himself for at least a year but, then again, neither has Rooney and we don’t see these calls for his head every other week.

    You could see the change in the way Liverpool played yesterday and I believe that they will do well from here on out and maybe even screw up one or two clubs and their European dreams along the way. If Torres can buy into Dalglish and his new ways he will be a big factor in that happening.

    I predict a finish around 6th for the Reds which, after the abysmal start they had, would be half decent.


  • Ryan

    Completely agree with this article, he didn’t even break a sweat against United and continued to frustrate me as he not once seemed to put their centre halfs into any pressure, selling him would be a good idea.

  • mike


    I see your point to an extent! Torres has not been himself this season far from it! Yes he has looked un-interested and at times like he wanted to be somewhere else.

    I do think however that calls for him to go are both premature and foolish! Yes he has scored 6 goals, which compared to his own high standards is not enough! Consider for a moment where LFC would be without those goals that earned, 3 points against chelsea, 3 against WBA, and contributions and assists in other games! The answer is we would be in a far worst position! Consider also how Wayne Rooney has scores 1 goal in open play in almost a year, and requested a transfer in the summer! Torres has not been nearly as poor and has not looked for an exit! Rooney is saved only by a superior strike partner which Torres does not have the luxury of having!

    My point is that torres hasn’t been great, but on a poor season is still very important to the club and fans alike! Not only this but compared to wayne Rooney he deserves the balon dor!

  • Ballz

    Always makes me laugh, these so called ‘fans’ wanting to sell Nando because he’s having a tough time. Way to get behind the lad.. Not. Torres has given every Liverpool fan something to cheer about & has stayed loyal when he was rumoured to go yet you gobshites wanna sell him!! Who for? Carlton Cole? On his day nobody can match Nando & it’s shameful that total tools who claim to be ‘fans’ can’t even get behind the lad!

    YNWA Nando lad!

  • animalcol

    Form is temporary. Class is permanent. Hodgkins is now departed, Nando will be back to his best soon. A kneejerk article

  • Gavin


    I certainly agree that FT9 has been a shadow of himself this season, however, this started prior to the world cup. Besides 95% of the Liverpool players are guilty of underperforming this season. By your reasoning, most of the first team squad needs to go.

    There has certainly been a major problem festring in the background for which you, i, most fans and even those so called pundits sitting in the Sky Sports studio have no idea what it was. For all the people and even some supporters that say that Rafa left behind a championship side, i guess that is just a case of listening too much to certain people and you start to believe it. It is a well know fact that Pool has a number of players represented in the World Cup Finals.

    Getting back to FT9, there was certainly a change in his performance, contrary to what you state above. His main supply was cut off by a silly tackle on Carrick. He did drop into to midfield for the most part of the game chasing the ball, a definite change to the attidude he employed under Hodgson, and not just him, but all of the squad.

    Onwards and upwards it is. I hope Kenny will be able to convince Aqualani to come back to Anfield. It was a big mistake to let him go on loan on those terms. The way the league is going this season, we might even finish above 6th.

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