Time for Wenger to go?

by Ryan Ghee

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Six years on from their last piece of silverware, cracks are finally start to appear in the near-15-year relationship between Arsenal Wenger and even the most loyal of Arsenal fans. More than half a decade of underachieving has this season culminated in the most catastrophic of collapses. Bowing out of three competitions in a fortnight has left the Gunners clinging onto one faint hope of silverware and given the lack of confidence, depth and morale in the squad, it would appear almost miraculous that the Premier League title will be delivered in May. For this reason, the time has surely come for Arsenal’s board to give serious consideration to replacing Mr Wenger.

The club may be within touching distance of top spot in the league, but recent history has taught us that Arsenal are bottlers. The Carling Cup defeat against Birmingham is the most recent and obvious example but the implosion at St James’ Park when they threw away a four goal lead, the 3-2 defeat against Tottenham having been 2-0 up and, albeit to a slightly lesser extent, the recent goalless home draw against Sunderland are evidence that Arsenal don’t have what it takes to win when they quite simply have to. Looking at the remaining fixtures, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United all stand out as ‘must-win’ fixtures but in reality, it’s difficult to see such a young, inexperienced squad having what it takes to go all the way, especially considering the recent track record.

At the end of the day, when things don’t go well, the buck has to stop with the manager. While money has been made available, Wenger’s stubborn stance has led to the building of a young squad with no backbone, lacking any serious strength-in-depth. The most recent glory days were based on a core of the likes of Henry, Vieira, Pires, Keown and co. While the current squad boasts quality in the likes of Van Persie and Fabregas, beyond that, the rest of squad pales in comparison to that of the early and mid-2000s.

While the problem could be fixed with money – as can anything in modern day football – the problem Arsenal now face is that Wenger is unlikely to budge on his principle of nurture over purchase. If the money has been available for the past two seasons, why should we expect Wenger to suddenly decide to spend this summer? The short answer is: we shouldn’t. If he’s intent on sticking to his flawed philosophy of building a team based on youth and promise, rather than experience and know-how, for the sake of the club and its fans, the board should look elsewhere.

If Arsenal do the unthinkable and win the title this season, I’ll happily eat my words. If, as expected, they choke and end up empty handed once again, it’s time for Mr Wenger to go.


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  • Terry

    I agree…. In fact, I believe wenger has had 1 season too many. I was questioning the teams ability at the beginning of last season.

    We have become more his ‘Pet Project’, than a football team. I share his vision but, unfortunatley, the concept is flawed when you try to achieve this without the correct tools.

    There are some very average players in the team.

    I’ll always raise a glass to you, Mr Wenger, but change is beckoning.

  • criscisto

    just poor set of players, but, I know these are his players and he must take responsibility for that.
    Denilson is just terrible and he would not even make Peterbrough’s team yet he starts for us. There is something seriously wrong there

  • no blog

    me thinks it’s time for you to stop dumping more recycled opinions taken from the red tops onto the net. nothing you have scribbled down here is original or has not been spouted off by countless others already. you want wenger to spend money so lets look at the scouse who have spunked 27 million pounds on a pony tailed cart horse and fail to get through tonight. or what about those arabs at city who have blown 500 million pounds worth on a team that has also bottled it tonight. stop reading the sun and give us a real opinion.

  • Ryan Ghee

    Manchester City may have spent £500 million on players but it’s taken them from relegation threatened mediocrity to title challengers and next season they’ll be playing Champions League football. If spending money has done that to Man City, imagine what spending even £50-£100m could do to Arsenal. If you want to see silky football with no end result, Wenger’s the man. If Arsenal want to see silverware, money simply has to be spent, in which case Wenger’s quite obviously not the man.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I’m kind of on the fence tbh. Part of me wants him to go, but part of me is clinging on to his dream, the dream that this Arsenal side would soon be good enough to dominate Europe!

    I was on a podcast last night to put my views across


    Ok, it’s not the most exciting listen but I think I raised a valid point in that we seem to stuck in ground hog day. We don’t seem to be learning anything.

    The annoying thing is we are only a few players away from winning trophies.

    He has had the chance to strengthen the squad in January but chose not to, AGAIN. This can’t go on. If it continues the unthinkable will happen that the Spuds will finally finish above us. Imagine the shame if that happened

  • Charlie George

    Let’s just see what happens in the next few months. Then judge him

  • jeremy goldsmith

    Wenger has been given more than enough time compared to most managers.He has failed and I believe his arrogance and ego are responsible for the current problems.
    The latest is a gamble on Lehman .If Arsenal fail to win the title because of gk lapses,he will be crucfied.If it pays off ,hw will lauded. Actually he has only himself to blame. When Given,Friedel VPS and and some other top gks were avaialable,he did not reach out for them.
    I think if Arsenal fail to win the title,enough is enough. Wenger better go and manage RM.He will find it alien to his way.

  • ITG

    Ferguson won nothing for 6 years in Man U with the biggest transfer pot in the old First Division. Barcelona won nothing for some years until Rickard started to build a good team which Guardiola inherited. I worry that if Wenger goes as so many seem to wish we will get a new manager who might well have a completely different philosophy and mediocrity for some years will become the norm. Without Champions League money the books will not look so healthy and then we will slowly deteriorate. For those fans who really believe that there are better managers please indicate where they are. Mourinho is possibly the only one who can show consistent success but of course his teams are built on high spend and as the way Real Madrid capitulated against Barcelona indicated it is not always successful. Guardiola inherited a very good team and he has spent to strengthen, but there are only two teams in the Spanish league which makes domestic success a given. Would he be the right man for Arsenal without the money to spend?
    I think that although all real fans are frustrated and at times annoyed by some of the players a few judicious purchases could well turn this side into a winning machine.

  • http://Musa4055@yahoo.com Musa

    Mr wnger has failed us,he doesn’t care about fans,he make us to be stranded for years,nothing to cheer of,ntn to celebrate,ntn to proud of,we’ve become element of mockry.most of his players are threat to arsenal(abu diaby denlson squlaci bentner…)pls wnger “change your policy” or “take path of honour”

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