To host the World Cup: Money, outrageous proposals and bedding FIFA –

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Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Russia is the host of the 2018 World Cup, the main grandstand tournament run by FIFA.

Despite the result drawing huge congratulations from the crowd in Zurich on Thursday, there was evidently a sour taste left in the mouths of those who contributed to the England bid.

The biggest disappointment was the three people who we trusted to carry the fight to the FIFA executive directors, were not many people’s first choice for a presentation bid, however they did really well, and got great compliments from the board including president Sepp Blatter.

The problem of the decision was not so much England losing the bid, but the nature of how they lost it.

There have been plenty of allegations regarding what exactly was said and done ahead of the final decision in Zurich.

From the moment BBC’s Panorama show highlighted the corruption within the governing body of football through to the decision of the hosts being made and revealed up to 24 hours before the event broadcasted live across the world.

Plus the idea Sepp Blatter kept referring to England as the motherland of football, let alone he and the executive committee were aware that England has high quality stadia already available with a couple more new developments given the go ahead.

The legacy that England would leave behind plus the money FIFA could of made, would be far more substantial than the other bids.

But the plot thickens in terms of Russia, because FIFA had reservations about the level of regeneration and the amount of work needed to create the right tournament infrastructure for such a momentus occasion in such a short space of time.

But the business deal revealed earlier that week that Pepsi had bought out a Russian drinks firm 24 hours prior to the World Cup host announcement. Coincidence just seems a little too convenient with this deal struck ahead of such a controversial decision.

Was there a possibility that certain companies who are aiming to be sponsors for the lucrative event, have been made aware of the deal before the media, teams and the viewing public.

These are problems FIFA could have avoided, from day one because no doubt, Spain, USA, Korea and Japan would of appreciated being made aware that FIFA were looking to bring their flagship tournament to new footballing environments.

Sepp Blatter knew that would bias his decision and yet he encouraged other countries to willfully waste money on an event, they were never likely to get, seems outrageous.

I understand why FIFA picked Russia to host 2018 because it is branching out into Eastern Europe but the sense of distrust and misconceptions given by FIFA may leave some of the others feeling bitter.

It seems that all you need to win a World Cup bid now, is a unique place, deep pockets and outrageous and outlandish proposals, but most importantly to tap up the right FIFA executive directors.

So maybe England would be better off bidding for the World Cup with a joint venture with the Falklands and Gibraltar. It may be the only way to bring football home under the current FIFA regime.

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