Tony Pulis – Talking sense or just a bad loser?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

As Stoke City sit dangerously above the relegation zone, one can’t help but think it’s somewhat of a false position, given the recent run of terrible refereeing decisions that have gone against them. However, this is the same Stoke City side they failed to win a league game well into September.

The Potters manager Tony Pulis claims an injustice in ‘six or seven’ of Stoke’s league matches this season. These include the disallowed goal at Goodison Park in which they lost 1-0, and the handling of the ball, not once, but twice by Sunderland midfielder Lee Cattermole, not to mention the fact that the ball had crossed line when he decided to body pop with it, a great skill that even The Rock Steady Crew would’ve been proud of.

Pulis said: “Over the weekend I’ve thought about it, I wanted to come here and be constructive. I think being constructive I’d say we should put in place a system where every Premier League club has a vote at the end of the season on referees, and the bottom three referees should be relegated to the Championship and the top three in the Championship should be promoted.”

You can see where Pulis is coming from, both decisions mentioned where horrendous mistakes by the officials. However, is Pulis using this solution to actually avoid launching into the particular officials who made the mistakes in the first place?

Does Pulis have a valid point? Or is he just on a bad loser?

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  • Elzevir Block

    Oh yeah, that’s exactly what’s need – referees trying to win favour with coaches in order to maintain their careers – nothing bad can come of that.

    Referees’ performances are rated continuously – if this ratings process and the conclusions of those tasked with reviewing questionable decisions were made more transparent, it would go a long way to helping, rather than the winning coach giving the ref 10/10 while the loser gives 0/10 because they’ve got the hump.

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