Top 10 Flops of the Season

by Michael Somerville

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

It’s been a pretty good year for spendaholics in the Premier League. Manchester City have made the Champions League, therefore robbing fans of meeker sides of ridicule. Job done, but will City’s stars escape ridicule?

Here are my top 10 flops of the season.

1. Fernando Torres: £50 million. His arrival was designed to galvanise the Chelsea squad and to win the Premier and Champions League. Torres was useless against United in both decisive games, being subbed off at half time in the Champions league tie and anonymous in the league decider at Old Trafford. It’s time to improve for next season but this season, his impact, body language and goal scoring record for Chelsea has been so poor that Roman Abramovich must be totally tearing his hair out.

2. Joe Cole: Free: Another Chelsea- Liverpool swap that went badly wrong- this transfer seemingly signalling a new dawn at Anfield. By Christmas, Liverpool were 17th and Cole hadn’t made any sort of impact or scored a goal in the league. Steven Gerrard’s description of Cole being as good as Lionel Messi was just funny and added insult to injury.

3. Mario Balotelli: £25 million: He may have a sweet shot on him but his attitude stinks! Moody, disconnected from the team and very aggressive (2 red cards) has not written him into the hearts of Manchester City supporters.

4.Rogue Santa Cruz: Loan: Completely anonymous this season for Blackburn Rovers. Goalscoring duties have had to fall on the shoulders of Jason Roberts and Nikola Kalinic as Santa Cruz has scored as many goals for Blackburn Rovers this season as I have- none.

5. Robbie Keane: Loan: Spurs- West Ham. Didn’t take his chances for the Hammers as they were relegated. Who to blame? Surely not all Keane’s doing? Missed too many one-one opportunities in my book and managed just two goals in four months at Upton Park.

6. Andrei Arshavin: Played more games than any other Arsenal player this season (37 appearances) but refused to stand up and be counted when Arsenal were shaky. Negative body language on the pitch tested Arsene Wenger’s already stretched patience this term and it’s likely he may return to Zenit St Petersburg in the summer.

7. Mauro Bosselli: A £6m signing from Estudiantes to Wigan Athletic was brought to a painful close after just 8 games in the Premier League and no goals scored. Currently on loan at Genoa and he’ll probably stay there due to being completely useless. Also missed a vital penalty against West Ham.

8. Christain Poulson: Liverpool’s £4.5m signing by Woy Hodgson was not the best. Last started a game in January. Incredible that he’s held down a regular first-team place at Seville, Juventus and Schalke for so many years. On his way out in the summer.

9. Paul Konchesky: £4m from Fulham. Despised by Liverpool fans from the moment he put on the shirt and became their first choice left-back. Made 16 appearances before being loaned out to Nottingham Forest. Seems to have found his level.

10. Laurent Koscielny: The Arsenal defender has contributed to his sides shoddy set-piece defensive work this season, 53% of Arsenal’s conceded goals were from set-pieces: the highest in the league. Will Wenger stick with him and Squillaci at the back? Hopefully not for Gooners…

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  • HeavyRiffs

    Probably best you don’t speak for Man City fans mate, we all love Mario…

  • darren

    Arshavin might have been a flop compared to last season, but he actually has 16 assists this season, I wouldn’t exactly call that a flop. Plus, he has scored some big goals. It’s true he lazy and doesnt track back, that might have something to do with being played out of position week in week out.

    Joe Cole has been horrific, what a fall from grace. He should go back to West Ham

  • Mystical Mike

    I don’t get it with Mario Balotelli, what does he actually do?

    There is no way he’s a 25m player, 5m at best. I’d put him on a par with Jason Roberts!

  • bnbn

    Balotelli 3rd. What a shit list.

  • Mystical Mike

    are you saying he should be 1st?

  • Mike S

    Balotelli is not a nice man. And he can’t put a bib on. Matter of time before he decks Mancini…

  • Richard

    Mystical Mike – What does Mario do? Well he was MOTM against United in the FA cup Semi and again against Stoke. We kind of like that.

  • CiTyBlUe

    Michael youre short a few nuts but a numbnut non the less, Mario Balotelli is a super signing, you only show the hate because of all the negative media hype and you have probably only ever watched him play two or three times I bet.

    Every sane Manchester fan loves Balotelli, scored 6 goals in 15 appearences on his first season and assisted in as many goals for City despite all the comedy and media trash.

    Clearly there are a few Balotelli haters here, saying hes disconnected from the team stinks of someone just talking a load of stupidity, in the last 6 games for City, Balotelli was seen live on TV smiling with his team mates and sharing affection.

    Clearly youre an idiot.

  • Mystical Mike

    so what? he played well in 2 games? even then all he did was run around like a headless chicken. Over rated

    Tevez plays well every time he puts on a City shirt

  • CiTyBlUe

    Clearly this punk Michael is a United fan

  • CiTyBlUe

    Oh Richard forgot to mention Balotelli is back in the Italy squad, obviously such a rubbish player that he couldnt be overlooked sigh

  • CiTyBlUe

    Comon Barca, do a favour for England and knock United out the final, the rest of England are behind you all the way. Aid the downfall of United, the biggest lie in world football.

  • Mystical Mike

    I must admit, how has Squillaci not made this top 10? Wenger managed to sell one of the worst center backs we’ve had in Silvestre and signed an even worse one. Every game we lost he played, every game we blew a lead he played. We were 4-0 at Newcastle when he came on. Say no more
    Laurent Koscielny is average but was superb in the first leg against Barca

  • Mystical Mike

    @ CiTyBlUe – I’m with u on this one!

    Good luck Barca!!

  • deary me

    Ask any Manchester City fan, and they`ll tell you they love Balo. Perhaps you should stop believing all you read in the lavvy comics and actually watch some footie. Balotelli is a superstar, and he`s a blue.

  • CiTyBlUe

    Lets just say Balotelli is going to shine next season and you can carry on hating him and you probably will, but I refuse to waste anymore time on someone clearly not worthy.

    Delusional and full of hate.

  • HeavyRiffs

    Mario Balotelli = Superstar. Man City’s superstar. End of…

  • bluemoon70

    You have to watch Mario consistently to see the class that is there. Just picking up the occasional highlights, or should I say lowlights, on Sky Sports doesn’t do the kid justice. He is a world class talent who just needs to grow up some.

  • http://newsnow iti john

    The rags never mentioned why they bought some belters Bergaflop, some 7mill player i cannot remember his name hes that bad,good old baconface never makes a mistake according to you lot

  • darren

    world class? that term is handed to out way to easily these days

  • Mike Walsh

    Oooohhh Balotelli, he’s a striker, he’s good at darts. An allergy to grass but when he playes he f**king class. Drives around Moss Side with a wallet full of cash. Ooooohhh Balotelli…..

    I think you’ll find that all the negative tripe that has been printed about Mario this year has actually somewhat endeared him to City supporters because we see him week in week out and know what teh guy is actually like. Yes he needs to mature and has caused himself and the club headaches, but he’s hardly been one of the top ten “flop” of the season. 10 goals in his first season despite either being injured or on the bench for most of it.

    Oh and MIKE S… only a matter of time before he decks Mancini… yeah the guy he respect above all others and calls papa… you obviously know nothing.

  • Mike Walsh

    Oh, and talking of flops… Bebe anyone?

  • Mystical Mike

    Bebe, great shout, he’s so shite we forget he even existed!

  • uwe_rosler

    clearly got some ‘football manager’ armchair fans here haha. Balotelli is a great signing, still only 20, great technique, great speed, strength, agility, dribbling and finishing. Yes he’s a loose cannon but he has matured a great deal in his short time in manchester and all of a sudden he acknowledges that to be the best, you have to have the right attitude too. Next season whoever posted this shit, and the opinionated know nothings who obviously read the anti city press, eg the mirror, the sun etc etc (who incidently sell at lot of papers on the back of balotelli) and know very little about the club or their weekly performances will know that tevez does NOT play great every game, though he is a great player and Balotelli has improved exponentially in his FIRST season in the EPL… roll on next season you bitter fu*ks

  • Mike S

    I’m sticking up for Bebe on this thread. I’m not a Man Utd fan by the way, but Bebe has only played 25 mins first team football for Utd this year. Doesn’t mean he’s shit- I assume he was back up for Rooney, Berbatov et all if Hernandez didn’t deliver. Chicarito has surpassed expectations. I reckon we’ll see him more next season if Owen and Macheda leave the club. £7 m is a lot but he does play for the Portugal U21 team. And he used to be homeless!

    Give the guy a break!

  • Daniel

    A good read, thanks Mike. Although I have to disagree with the inclusion of Balotelli. Yes his attitude has been poor and he may not have set the world alight, but he scored a fair amount of goals – surely a bigger flop at city has been Dzeko?!!! £20-odd million, and 2 goals scored in a largely anonymous 5 months. And one of those goals was against Notts County!

  • Michael Somerville

    Hey Dan thanks for commenting mate! Fair point Dan, it’s difficult to pick on City too much as they have done really well this season (Fa cup and Champions League qualification.) I picked Balotelli because he was subbed on and then off against Liverpool, recieved two red cards, and threw a dart at a youth team player. Dzeko’s only been at City since January and has done pretty well, scoring the winner at Blackburn and hit two in the Europa league. Everyone knows Tevez is City’s best striker so when he plays he tends to dominate the forward attacking impetus.
    Don’t want to turn this into a City bashing blog- they’ve done good this year

  • KaptainKompany

    Well….. All of us at City love Balotelli, and it is good to have a fiery personality in every squad as long as they are kept in check by strong leadership. Since Bellamy is gone, Balo is filling that void. Although we could use a little bit better leadership…. ie. giving the kaptaincy to Kompany, Balotelli has still done a fine job and scored many goals

  • jac

    Super Mario man of the match in the Cup final. Has been injured for much of the season. Will grow into a top top player. You are wrong about Mario.

  • Steve H

    Bebe has only played 25 mins first team football, yes ’cause he is crap. Also how does a player transferred for 200k, 2 months later become worth 7 Million without playing a game. Some people made a lot of money out of that transfer, taggart and his son included. Back up, my backside, he’ll be gone, on the quiet, very quickly. Oh and he was not homeless, that was bull and a mis-print, he was hopeless, ha, ha, ha

  • Phil

    Balotelli has scored 10 times in 23 games and hes a flop? He walks a tight rope every game partly because of his attitude but mainly because he gets targetted by the opposition and referees. Some of the yellow cards he’s recieved this year have been comical.

    And just to let you know, City fans love the guy.

  • Daniel

    Good piont mike – we’ll give Dzecko more time!

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