Top 10 number 10’s

by Mystical Mike

Friday, April 18th, 2008

English top flight


Denis Law

(Manchester United – 1962-1973) 393 appearances, 236 goals



Dennis Bergkamp

(Arsenal – 1995-2006) Total appearances 315 appearances, goals 87



Ruud Van Nistelrooy

(Manchester United – 2001-06) 150 appearances, 95 goals



Mark Hughes

(Manchester United – 1980-1986 & 1988-1995) 345 appearances, 119 goals



Teddy Sheringham

(Tottenham – 1992-97 & 2001-03) 236 appearances, 98 goals



Wayne Rooney

(Manchester United – 2002/3-2006/7) 123 appearances, 49 goals



Juninho (Osvaldo Giroldo Júnior)

(Middlesbrough – 1995-97, 1999/2000, 2002-04) 121 appearances 121,
29 goals



Robbie Keane

(Tottenham 2002/3 – 2006/7) 200 appearances, 84 goals



Joe Cole

(Chelsea – 2003-2006/7) 136 appearances, 24 goals



Michael Owen

(Newcastle – 2005/6 – 2006/7) 11 appearances, 10 goals



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  • Darren

    tough choice to make, I’d have to go Dennis Bergkamp as I never saw the other Denis play, plus he refused to sign my England top the other night!


  • mikie

    I’d say currently it’s Rooney without a doubt, but as mu old man used to say, ‘Denis, come back with me apple pie’!

    What number was Jimmy Greaves by the way?

  • dexylongshot

    My old man has always said that the best player he has ever seen was Denis Law and he has seen 1000’s of games (I sh*t you not) including being at the 66 final. He said whenever Denis was on the pitch he was head and shoulders above everyone not just on the corners either. Not a bad accolade considering Bestie and Charlton were either side of him. Wayne Rooney is probably the best current choice but he’ll have to do a lot to beat the Law mans goalscoring record – 393 appearances, 236 goals. That is legendary class.

  • Michael

    Has to to be Law, the only striker to come near him in a long time has been Ruud. Rooney could come close in the years ahead but he isn’t as lethal a finisher as Dennis or Ruud. As far as the best to watch would have to be Bergkamp, so creative.

    Van Nistelrooy
    Rooney (yet to be determined how good he will become)

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