Top 10 Premier League managers

by James Baker

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007


So we cannot produce a decent football manager anymore. That is the message coming from the FA. Fabio Capello is the new manager of England, the second foreigner to lead our nation. Was anyone surprised by this? No, everyone knew they would go foreign it was just a question of which one. I have always been a little wary of Italian coaches ever since I saw the Italian Job. Let’s hope this story in England’s footballing history ends better. I am sure there will be a few cliff-hangers involved, though. It got me thinking of the greatest managers to ever grace the Premier League and were any of them English. Trivia question for you folks. Only 4 English managers have won a domestic trophy since 1993. Can you name them?

I thought I would do some research because my brilliant football mind isn’t quite as brilliant as it once was for remembering useless football trivia. I have trawled through the annuals of Premier League history to find a successful English manager. The Premier League began in 1992-93 so I thought I would see who had won what domestic trophies in that time. The Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup have been covered and I have also thrown our European competition winning managers in to the mix to find the best 10 managers in the history of the Premier League. Would any of them be English? Where is the next Clough, Venables, Robson, Greenwood? There must be an Englishman somewhere who can manage at the top level!


10) Kevin Keegan – Newcastle

A controversial decision this one. However, I thought Keegan deserved recognition for producing an excellent Newcastle team that came so close to winning the top prize of the Premier League. They played football that was a joy to watch. He could not translate this to the international stage with England. He did do well with Fulham in guiding them to the Premier League but struggled at Manchester City. I think he enjoys being retired.

Can Englishmen manage? You’ll have to find out as I reveal my top 10 over the coming days. Alan Curbishley said last week that until an Englishman in placed in charge of a top 4 team, how can we produce an international class manager? I have to agree with him.

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  • Paul

    I would love it if we beat them! They’ve still got to go to Middlesbrough and get something!

  • Jackie

    yeah not many teams go to middlesbrough and get something? it’s like a fortress that riverside!

  • chuckie

    6 english managers have won domestic trophys since 1993,
    H Redknapp fa cup 08
    J Royle fa cup 95
    R Atkinson league cup 94
    B Little league cup 96
    R Evans league cup 95
    S McClaren league cup 04

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