Top 10 transfers in Premier League history

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The Premier League is arguably the greatest league in the world today, with the ability to attract the best players from the continent.

But which transfers stand out as the most important signings with regards to their value for money and the success they have brought to the club.

10: Peter Schmeichel

Brondby to Man Utd, £500,000

Quite simply the Premier League’s finest goalkeeper. The great Dane remains one of the best imports into the English game. Captained the 1999 treble winning side.

9: Alan Shearer

Southampton to Blackburn, £3.3m

One of the greatest natural finishes the game has seen. Shearer helped Blackburn Rovers to the Premier League crown in 1995 with his deadly 49 goal SAS partnership with Chris Sutton.

8: Tim Cahill

Millwall to Everton, £2.5m

Signed from Millwall in 2004 Tim Cahill has been the fulcrum of the Everton midfield for the past 5 years. Well known for his heading ability despite only being 5.8ft.

7: Frank Lampard

West Ham to Chelsea, £11m

A true Chelsea legend and one of the Premier Leagues most consistent performers. Hardly misses a game and has scored 20 goals from midfield for the the last four seasons. Lampard was the second midfielder to score 100 goals after Mat Le Tissier.

6: Kevin Davies

Southampton to Bolton, Free

Signed in 2003 after being released by Southampton. Kevin Davies is one of the last remaining old school target men. Not a prolific goal scorer by any means but a valuable member of the Bolton side.

5: Patrick Vieira

AC Milan to Arsenal, £3.5m

When Arsene Wenger signed Veira in 1996, no one had heard of him. He soon became the Arsenal captain and was influential in 2004’s ‘invincibles’. Tall, elegant, powerful with a presence, his battles with Roy Keane were a sight to behold. The fact that Arsenal are yet to win a trophy since he left tells you how important he was to the Gunners.

4: Nicolas Anelka

PSG to Arsenal, £500,000

If Alan Sugar had any sense then employing Arsene Wenger would definitely benefit his company. Wenger paid £500,000 for the lightning quick La Sulk in 1997 and sold him for £22m two years later. An exceptional piece of business by any standards.

3: Thierry Henry

Juventus to Arsenal, £10.5m

Another Arsene Wenger master stroke was signing Henry from Juventus in 1999. One of the most skillful players ever to grace the Premier League. Henry spent 8 very successful years with the Gunners breaking Ian Wrights record to become Arsenal’s highest ever goalscorer. Henry was also part of the infamous ‘invincibles’ helping the club to two league titles and three FA Cups.

2: Cristiano Ronaldo

FC Porto to Man Utd £12.8m

Like him or hate him, there is no denying the Portguese Winker has set the Premier League alight. 84 goals in 196 games speaks for itself. With Real Madrid prepared to pay an estimated £80m for his services, signing Ronaldo was a brilliant piece of business by Sir Alex Ferguson.

1: Eric Cantona

Leeds to Manchester United, £1.2m

United signed the enigmatic Frenchman in 1992 and it proved to be one of the most defining moments in Premier League history. Cantona became a legend at United helping the club to four league titles in five seasons scoring 64 goals in 144 games.

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  • Stevie

    with the 76 million fee being thrown about for Ribery and Ibrahemavic that 1.2m does look like a right old bargain!

  • dexylongshot

    Schmeichel walks it for me, half a million.
    3 weeks wages winker wages.

    How many trophies including the Champs League. They would have struggled to win half the silverware in the period he was there without him (if that makes sense, you know what i mean).

  • Darren

    new fixtures out. Chelsea to top after week one. Who wants a bet?

    Aston Villa v Wigan, 15:00
    Blackburn v Man City, 15:00
    Bolton v Sunderland, 15:00
    Chelsea v Hull, 15:00
    Everton v Arsenal, 15:00
    Man Utd v Birmingham, 15:00
    Portsmouth v Fulham, 15:00
    Stoke v Burnley, 15:00
    Tottenham v Liverpool, 15:00
    Wolverhampton v West Ham, 15:00

  • scrutinizer

    ronaldo was signed from Sporting not Porto

  • Tef1on

    Dennis Bergkamp for £7.5 Million… that was one hell of a signing!

  • Stevie

    probably the most important signing for Arsenal in the last 20 years

  • Ash

    Agree with Bergkamp – the leagues best ever player.

    To be fair, when Blackburn signed Shearer he was a British transfer record so at the time was seen as big money.

  • dexylongshot

    Still Schmeichel.

  • Wardy

    Roy Keane from Cobh Ramblers to Nott’m Forest (£47,000) OR Forest to Man Utd (£3.75m).

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