Top England coach praises England’s new grassroots system

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

England coach Gary Neville has spoken out about the undeniable link between better coaching and better football.

The FA have acted after it was clear that no progress was being made on the international stage despite a ‘golden generation of players’ coming through over the last decade.
They have started where it matters most- the youth.

They have voted that young players should play on smaller pitches and smaller goals to ensure that the under 7’s and 8’s will be better technically, and will not be as inclined to hoof the ball forward to the forward players. It’s an important step to a brighter future of England football.

There are also other changes planned with new ‘youth modules’ being created to aid youngsters development.

I wrote a petition for Dexys Den over two years ago stating that there needs to be a grassroots overhaul in the UK and it looks like that wish is going to come true.

Neville spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live and said: “The information passed to six to 14 year-olds is absolutely critical.”

I couldn’t agree more Gary.

If you want to get involved and learn how to coach the brightest talent in England today then here’s the link

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