Torres a £50m flop? I hope so.

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

The January transfer window is one that is usually filled with speculation, and on deadline day, disappointment. Beckham back in the Prem? Didn’t think so. But this January window was almost as exciting as Sky made it out to be. The big money moves were Darren Bent to Villa for £18m, a week after he pledged his allegiance to Sunderland. Andy Carroll went to Liverpool for a staggering £35m, again a week after saying he was committed to Newcastle. But by far the biggest was Fernando Torres travelling to the capital on deadline day to sign for Chelsea for £50m.

You couldn’t write it could you, he signed too late to play on Tuesday night, so made his debut against………..Liverpool. The shirts were flying off the shelves, and it was set be a huge game. Fernando played distinctly averagely, and was substituted after 65 minutes.

Not only does Torres look weird in blue, I can’t quite see how he will fit in to the Chelsea line up. OK Drogba and Anelka are getting on a bit, and Torres at 26, is expected to be a long term replacement. You can’t argue with Torres’s stats, 65 goals in 102 games for Liverpool, but I have to say, I don’t really like him. He’s purely a finisher, which I understand is enough if he gets you enough goals, but his lack of creative flare means he needs to be the furthest player forward in the Chelsea line-up. I just can’t see Anelka and Drogba playing either side of him. I think the best bet would be to have Anelka playing just behind the two big men, who on their day, will surely be the best strike partners in the Premier League.

So will Torres be a disappointment, and a waste of money? I hope so, for two reasons. Firstly, for the same reason I hope Man city crash and burn, you can’t buy trophies, or at least I don’t like the idea of clubs being able to buy trophies, and £50m is a colossal amount of money. Secondly, where is player loyalty? It is becoming increasingly evident that every player has his price. Even Torres who has had a “you’ll never walk alone” tattoo since his Atletico Madrid days, had no problem jumping ship when Liverpool were on a down turn and more money was offered.

We will have to see. He probably will come good, if he can stay fit. But it will take time. Time that Chelsea simply do not have.

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  • Mystical Mike

    form is temporary, class is permanent!

    Lets see if he does a Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen!!

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