Tottenham unimaginative spending hits new heights

by Michael Somerville

Friday, August 21st, 2009

When I found out the news that Harry Redknapp was preparing a £2 million bid for Portsmouth’s David James, a sigh of inevitability passed through my lips. Was this as really as interesting as it’s going to get at Tottenham?

Now I understand that Spurs must be a very well run club in order to make the sufficient profit that allows its numerous mangers to spend vast amounts of money on players, near enough every season. Spurs have been remarkably living within their means this year, selling off troublemakers Didier Zokara and Darren Bent for £18 million- a minor miracle. The signings of Defoe, Crouch and now possibly David James shows off the fact that Redknapp just wants the players he knows; possibly resigned to the fact that at his age, his “meeting new people” skills just aren’t what they were.

There’s little doubt that Redknapp is a decent manager, and has taken all his sides to relative success- most recently saving Tottenham from the dreaded drop last year. Assessing their start to the Barclays Premier League (and no Europa League worries) it’s fairly obvious that Spurs will have a more enjoyable year than last season. However, in this long and tiring league, it’s easy to forget just how much strength in depth you really need; even if you’re not partaking in any European cup competition. Why sign Peter Crouch when you have Pavlyuchenko? Why sign James when you have Gomez and Cudicini, with the former finally beginning to find his feet in the Premier League?

It’s because Redknapp knows what makes a winning side (despite only winning the FA cup and two Premier League Asia trophies in his 26 year managerial career) and what Spurs need is cover, and lots of it.

Pity they couldn’t have mixed it up a bit with the signing of Patrick Viera, even if the plan was to wind up Arsenal fans!

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  • James Webb

    Spurs have always bought players that show promise from smaller clubs or from abroad and more often than not they have been expensive flops or sold on a season or so later for no profit. Harry is very shrewd and by buying players with proven premiership ability he is slowly forming a very strong squad of players capable of challenging for the top 6 on a regular basis.

    Currently the Spurs squad is one of the strongest in the premiership and although we probably lack anyone that would be considered world class, we can rest assured that no longer will we be pushovers away against smaller clubs and with injuries and suspensions we can still put out a side capable of competing with the top sides.

    Harry has not even been at the club for one year yet so I would reserve judgement on his signings and sales until the end of this current campaign. He has moved on players who dont fit the bill and who were never quite good enough technically and has made some good acquisitions, Palacios and Bassong to name two. I fully expect a few more comings and goings with the likes of Hutton, Chimbonda, Jenas, Bentley and Bale who could exit the club. Another left back, left midfielder and possibly central midfielder possibly needed to continue the progression.

  • Darren

    Palacios is looking like an absolute bargain at the moment, we are only 3 games in but he is by far the best player in the Premier League at the moment, he gives Modric time to be creative. hate saying this but the Spuds are looking good, so good in fact I’ve got 3 players in my dream team!

  • dexylongshot

    Huddlestone has also been doing some of the dirty work in the middle, he has got the skills too, Harry as obviously had a word with the big man over the summer. Even O’Hara who was fantastic in pre-season is pukka cover if he has to come in for any midfield injuries. The Spuds are looking hot!

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