Transfer Rumours: ARGHHH!!!!

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Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Can we convince the Government that inane transfer speculation during what is laughably called the off-season (no competitive football being played, but let’s not stop that from having football on about 2/3 of the sports pages in June & July), please? Maybe make it so we can make new signings first seen on August 10th or something?

A DA notice in the interests of protecting the public from repeated blows to their desks as they hear of yet another piece of transfer speculation about Cesc Fabregas (surely it’s the 47th time this month that he’s been near to signing a deal? Anyway I digress).

Football is an amazing sport and it’s hugely popular, but there comes a time when enough is enough, right? Where’s the fallow period that fans of other sports have to go through?

Tennis fans have to wait about 11 months after Wimbledon until they have the opportunity to go and watch professional tennis being played in this country, cricket fans have to wait 6 months through the long winter nights until April comes around and they can finally see their teams getting rolled over for less than 100.

I realise that without rife transfer speculation, Sky Sports News will be forced to consume itself in a fit of panic, feasting on the flesh of Chris Kamara just two days before the Community Shield as the lack of transfer speculation that serves to only drive up agent’s fees is denied them and they have to start covering sports that wouldn’t normally get anywhere near as much coverage (athletics maybe?).

Perhaps it’s just me who’s bored to tears with this feasting on rumours, hearsay and at times, downright lies. But Rob Smyth seems to agree with me too. His transfer speculation report in yesterday’s Guardian was in-step with my own feelings on the subject.

Writing about the Sneijder to United rumours & speculation Smyth wrote:“We tried to firm up the story with our Dutch snout Shex, but he mislaid his will to live during Sneijder’s 94th transfer to Old Trafford story and is now rocking back and forth in the foetal position, whispering “for the love of all that is holy, Wesley, please put me out of my misery”.

If this keeps up we’ll have hundreds of football journalists committed to psychiatric care, which is a burden our NHS can ill-afford right now, so please Mr. Cameron, slap a DA notice on all of this, let the fans find out who’s been bought or sold when they look at the team sheets, it’ll add an extra level of wonderment just before the inevitable 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford, if nothing else.

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