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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

The transfer window is open and come teatime on 31st August we shall all be glued to Sky Sports news (whilst comprising our Top 3 female presenters obviously) and praying that the yellow ticker at the bottom of the screen flashes with a big name or that new wonder kid from South America who is having a medical at our club.

As the transfer window ticked by last August on Sky Sports, it was amongst the best television I have ever seen. How many times to you get to see Man City supporters dance around Eastlands with tea towels round their heads whilst trying to sexually harass a reporter? Answer, quite a lot actually. I’m told that reporter is still walking around like Bruce Wayne.

Though with all the money that is flying around the Premiership these days it seems near impossible to know how much a player has actually been brought or sold for. A lot are now ‘undisclosed’. For me this is an absolutely disgrace to the fans, who are the ones the club are accountable to.

We buy the shirts, fill the grounds and support our team and all this comes at a price. I know it’s a bit cliché but without the fans, there wouldn’t be a team for the players to play in or the managers to manage in or Arab millionaires to have a mid-life crisis.

You read constantly ‘a fee believed to be about’, why on earth do we hardly ever know what much a player has gone for anymore? Even the big money transfers such as Adebayor was undisclosed. Almost every other transfer in the football league seems to be undisclosed. Even if was for a couple of bibs and a set of goal posts, as a fan I want to.

We are like taxpayers to our clubs and I think that there finances should be made available to us in more detail or at the very least just let us know how much money have you spent on our new Ecuadorian striker. A rant always seems better when we can attach a fee to it.

The MPs are currently in the brown stuff by not been able to decide which house they live in and I think that our football clubs should also be as transparent as them. The more ‘undisclosed fees’ I see, the more it makes me worry about where ‘our’ money has actually gone. The words ‘agent’, ‘Alladyce’, ‘fee’ and ‘bung’ spring to mind.

Just do us a favour and tell us. What have you got to hide?

Ps Incidentally for anyone wondering my top three Sky Sports presenters, they would go Georgie Thompson, Natalie Sawyer and Clare Tomlinson.

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  • Nick Weaser

    Great article – totally agree with the who ‘undisclosed fee’ BS. Maybe regarding Man City buys they are all ‘undisclosed’ as even the owners don’t know how much they spent – they just write blank cheques for Mark Hughes to fill out. I can’t imagine they get their books balanced too often!

  • Stevie

    the last day of the transfer window is almost as exciting as the games themselves! I literally pulled all my hair out with the Ashavin transfer! Was well worth in the end!

  • dexylongshot

    Aaaah Georgie xxxxx

  • Ash

    It’s a shame this year’s ends at 5pm! Much prefer the late midnight deadline watching on Sky Sports.

    I love that twat Andy Burton they have on, who’s always got three or four phones and think’s he’s right on the pulse with all the news – but most of the time gets it complelety wrong! Classic quote “I’ve just got a text, this could be Peter Kenyon, no wait it’s mu Mother” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Darren

    I love it, Andy Burton is hilarious, he believes everything he hears!

    ‘Chelsea have just signed Arsenal football club, big news if its happens’

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