Turn that noise down, we’re trying to play football here!

by Mystical Mike

Friday, November 20th, 2009

The year is 2010AD, Girls Aloud have split, Jedward are ruling the world with over 237 million albums sold, forcing many a music fan to throw themselves of various bridges throughout the world, Sir Dexy Longshot has left UKFF and now writes for Gardeners Weekly & Spurs are Premier League champions. What could possibly be worse? Well how about the greatest show on earth without atmosphere?

If various governing bodies have their own way we could be heading for the quietest World Cup Finals in living memory.

Japan are the latest country to complain about the noisy vuvuzela trumpets used by fans in a recent friendly in Port Elizabeth, which ended in a 0-0 draw against the World Cup hosts. The JFA (Japan Football Association) president Motoaki Inukai has appealed to the South African FA and asked them to turn that bleeding racket down. Mr Inukai said ‘You can’t hear yourself speak’, Japan defender Tulio also had a good old moan saying ‘You can’t hear what your team mates are saying from 2 yards away. You have to go up to them to give them instructions.’

The vuvuzela is synonymous with South African football fans but the air horns have also sparked complaints from coaches, players & broadcasters during this year’s Confederations Cup. UKFF’s very own Dexy Longshot was at the Spain v US & A game and said ‘The atmosphere was pukka, it reminded me of the 1980’s, in particular Espana 82.’ But the TV networks strongly disagree having also complained, saying the commentary could not be heard, which actually means we might not be able to hear the mumblings of David Pleat & Jim Beglin, bring it on I say! Top players (bad losers) including Xabi Alonso have also expressed concern, which is hardly surprising, they lost their 32 game unbeaten run in that very competition.

Sepp Blatter & his crazy gang at FIFA have surprisingly rejected the ban on the plastic flute like instrument.

Lets just hope someone throws Jedward off a bridge before FIFA ban the vuvuzela!

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  • Matt Quinn

    Im with FIFA on this one. I watched some of the confederations cup thingy and those vuvuzela things were bloody annoying! Maybe they would be better in a packed stadium, but at the confederation cup the grounds were empty and the vuvuzela’s just gave the whole place an eerie feel. I personally thought they took away the atmosphere rather than added to it.

    Like i said tho… they might be great with a packed out crowd.

  • leon

    I am from South Africa and the Vuvuzela is a integral part of the South African supporters arsenal. In Enlgand you have horns, that you blow da-da, dadada, dadada-da-ENGLAND! tunes. Why do you want to ban the vuvuzela becuase you don’t like the noise? its a bit of nancy boy comment when every nation has their own way of expressing itself. why is ot whenever south africa do something well like record good results in any sport they play, someone in the media always jumps on their back. The recent female runner, we beat england in rugby and everyone focused on POTENTIAL eye scrape that didn’t even happen, it didn’t happen people fact. anyway back to football, im glad fifa have “allowed” the vuvuzela its rightful place amongst the supporting stands. its time the world stopped picking on South africas sportsmen and fans.

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