Udinese’s financial example

by Lorenzo Bettoni

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The Italian Serie A since yesterday has an unexpected leader: Udinese Calcio. After the amazing 4th place of the last year Francesco Guidolin’s team is now at the top of the league despite  the selling of many foundamental players during the last summer market.

Players like Gokhan Inler, Alexis Sanchez and Cristian Zapata have been sold for more than £ 60 millions and replaced with less expensive players such as Gabriel Torje ( £ 5 millions from Dinamo Bucaresti) and Danilo Larangeira (form Palmeiras).

It’s very difficult that Udinese Calcio will managed to win the Serie A this year,  but the policy that the management of the club is practicing since at least 10 years is impressive. The new cheap players will be the ones who will be sold in a couple of years for  £ 20 – 25 millions. Cristian Zapata was bought when he was 19 for only £ 300.000, Alexis Sanchez was bought in 2008 almost for free and Gokhan Inler for just £ 1.5 million!

The policy of the Italian club is working even in Europe, as Udinese is leading the table of his Euro League group stage which include Atletico Madrid, Celtic Glasgow and Stade Rennais. This is a good news for Italian football in general as in the past years the performances of Italian clubs in Euro League were unsufficent and were also the main cause of the relegation in the 4th place of the UEFA Ranking which means that form this year only three Italian teams can qualify to the UEFA Champion’s League.

At the moment the club is an example of how a football team should be managed in a period of financial crisis like the one that we are living and actually the results are as good as the ones of the last year. The buying and selling of players affects the odds makers all the way to Las Vegas. It can even carryover to a site like this one where you can gamble on anything.



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