Manchester City lead the way in grass roots revolution

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Living the dream with UK Football Finder

The days when football was played simply for the love of representing a cherished team seems to have gone. When players received their hard-earned wage they deserved every penny and the fans respected them for it. Now, players have continued to ask for extortionate amounts which the average working person would be ecstatic about; football has obviously lost its purpose and no longer can be seen as a working man’s game. Only the clubs found outside of the Top tier of English football could ever be described as supporting local grass roots football. Or so you thought…

It is Man City who has shown the initiative in expressing interest in a player which, up until recently, was using the grass roots network website UK Football Finder which helps players get their next big opportunity in a football club whether this is local, amateur or semi-pro. But, in the case of this young Ivory Coast midfielder, who made a surprise debut appearance in the 3-0 win over West Brom last season, the clubs which come knocking thanks to this exposure by UK Football Finder do not always play in the  local park but regularly in stadiums which attract crowds of over 47,000.

David Platt, who is City’s First Team Coach, said of the youngster: “He’s a talent…He has trained with us on a regular basis, he is quick, strong and has a great future ahead of him”

Razak previously spent time with Crystal Palace but joined City last July after being spotted playing for Battersea Ironside. His story demonstrates that the football fairy tales of yesteryear do happen in these times of hundreds of millions being adorned on just one player.

With great websites out there such as UK Football Finder which showcase players which go under the spotlight and, as a result, receive greater applause than they already get, to think of the number of quality people which never get the chance to flex their skills and tricks on the bigger stage is the loss of those who regularly attend the terraces and know for themselves they know a great player when they see one and it doesn’t matter how much they get paid.

As long as they have their chance; that’s all that matters and with UK Football Finder around this situation will always be a possibility for many.

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