Ultimate 11’s – Best footballing moments of the decade

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, January 4th, 2010

As we say goodbye to another decade many images will remain with us for the rest of lives. We all have our favorite’s for many reasons.

We’ve put together our top 11 footballing moments of the last 10 years. It’s down to you to pick your top 5. We’ll send the lucky winner a packet of Peggy’s lovely homemade sausages.

Do you really know your clubs proud history or are you just a teenage glory hunter? (not mentioning any names from the Kings Road & Eastlands). Remember you must pick a decent 11, not 10 forwards and a goalie. We’ll have a butchers and I’ll give my verdict from Mustard to Pony. E-mail your team to Dexy@ukfootballfinder.co.uk

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  • Stevie

    1 – Arsenal invincibles
    2 – Germany 1 England 5
    3 – Barca’s treble
    4 – Liverpool’s comeback
    5 – United treble

  • dexylongshot

    From a personal point of view, here are my favourite moments.
    1 – Germany 1 England 5
    2 – Becks Penalty against The Argies
    3 – Beating Germany 1-0 in Euro 2000 for the first time in Donkey’s years.
    4 – Liverpool’s comeback against Ac Milan
    (I swam out to a boat in thailand naked and danced fully naked for 10 minutes, not pretty!)
    5 – Italy winning 2006 and in the process furninshing me with £500 dream team winnings, a month after winning £500 in the Prem one with my mates. Happy Days for Dexy’s Longshots!!

    West Ham Bias Top 5
    1 – Tevez Goal V Man U keeping us up
    2 – Zamora’s Goal in the 2005 Play-off Final (I was watching Bangkok with my Sis)
    3 – Konchesky’s 3rd against Liverpool in The FA Cup 96
    4 – Beating Middlesborough in the 96 FA Cup semi and doing Twist and Shout with my old man!!!
    5 – Di Canio’s Goal of the Decade

  • dan

    I’m not to sure about Manure’s treble, that was actually in the 90’s, but saying that, is anyone else enjoying the demise of ALex Ferguson’s once great team! They have been very, very poor all season, it’s obvious Berbatov is the most over rated player in Premier League history, they need to sign at least 3 players to get back to their best. Brilliant, loving it!!!!!!!

    Back on topic, it’s got to be the 5-1 for me too, I was in India at the time, we went mental. Those kind of results happen once a decade, Holland 4-1 for example.

  • William

    I’m excluding United’s Treble in 1999 purely because it was in a different decade!

    1 – Beckham’s free-kick (watching it loop into the net was, rightly or wrongly, the greatest 2 seconds of my life)
    2 – Germany 1 England 5
    3 – Zidane’s volley
    4 – FA Cup Final 2006 (Watched it an ex-girlfriend’s house. She had a cold and had asked me round to provide tea and sympathy. She also had a tv while I didn’t at the time (being a poor student), so I got to watch the game and still score brownie points!)
    5 – Zidane’s headbutt (Materrazzi deserved it)

  • dexylongshot

    Zidane’s headbutt was a shocker, there was a general roar of “Fkin Hell did you see that” down my local boozer. A terrible way to end a great career of the greatest player of the Decade (in my humble op).

    Beck’s Free Kick against Greece will live long in the memory (The same boozer collectively rose as one and my tootsies didn’t touch the floor for about 3 glorious seconds) but I can’t put it in my top 5. England wasn’t out if he hadn’t scored, we would have got Belarus in the play-off so I was already confident we were at the World Cup. Still he had a great game that day (even if he did miss the other 5 free-kicks). His goal against the Argies though was special, In fact that Friday lunchtime dancing around my local mini roundabout bringing the place to a standstill was front page on the local newspaper the following week. Let’s hope there is plenty more of that this summer.

  • Gavin

    I still remember being in Malia on a lads holiday when the whole bar gasped in silence as Zidane headbutted Materazzi. Many then stood up and applauded. I thought it was a dreadful way to end the career of the man I still believe to be the greatest of my lifetime.

    Being a United fan I find it hard to admit that Liverpool’s heroics in Istanbul was one of the greatest footballing moments of the last ten years.

    More recently, the nations reaction to the death of Sir Bobby, will always live in my memory.

  • Stevie

    Di Canio’s volley got voted goal of the decade in a recent poll, I thought that was in the 90’s too.

    I agree with Gavin, the emotion displayed for Sir Bobby was very touching, was there a more loved man in football I wonder?

  • nursejackieemu

    Two Uefa boro comebacks from 3-0 down to win 4-3…both with last minute goals…

    we won’t mention the final!

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