Can Man United win the league when they play so badly?

by Russell Hill

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

When any Liverpool and Manchester United fixture takes place, there is a very strong chance that the encounter will be fiery. Whether there will be any madness on the pitch such as a player being sent off or multiple goals hitting the back of the net, this is something which many look forward to seeing. However, in the recent encounter which took place at Anfield on the 15th October this game was ridiculous.

The reason behind this criticism is that Ferguson seemed to think that he was playing against a lesser team when instead he was up against the mighty Liverpool. Out of all the games they play, apart from the odd scuffle against Barcelona and the physicality of Arsenal’s encounters the Liverpool game is always one to look forward to. However, Ferguson seemed to have forgotten about this because instead of playing the potent Hernandez or even the impressive Valencia he opted for Wellbeck on his own up front. What was he thinking?

Even the formation was baffling. Instead of the usual two forwards, Wellbeck was on his own. Then, surprisingly, Liverpool scored not because of a move which wowed the crowds but a free kick which saw Giggs not standing still. This therefore allowed Gerrard’s shot to easily penetrate the wall. Even five and six year olds playing on a Sunday morning know that when they’re in the wall, they will get hit at one point but at least they would have stopped a goal from happening. Giggs forgot this golden rule and moved as though he was scared of a ball hitting him. What a wimp.

Seeing his mistake, Ferguson substituted the players who he thought was not performing well and on came Rooney, Nani and Hernandez a few minutes after. And guess what happened? The score was level with a well-orchestrated corner kick. The best players producing results? What a surprise.

Although Manchester City now sit proudly at the top of the league the Manchester Derby is happening in only a few days’ time. Who will Ferguson pick for this fixture? I wonder if he’s thinking if the youth team are up to anything on that day.

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  • jj

    yes, they always do. thats why they are champions

  • Ian Green

    Call it a bad day at the office! Don’t think we will see this set up again this season. Utd still managed a point though. No if they play like that, they will end up second!

  • Jay

    Man Utd are so strong in the final weeks. This is where they blow the competition out of the window. But do not City’s challenge this year.

  • Scousers Mate

    You don’t know what you’re talking about mate, this article is so bias for Alex Fergusons, I think my 2 year old could write a more subjective article.

  • Kenny Lomas

    Gotta agree with Scousers Mate. I know you can voice your opinion on a blog, but there’s a difference between opinion and down-right bias. It was a strange team, but I’m sure Fergie had his reasons. It’s usually best not to doubt him, because he has a pretty good track record over the last 20 years, unlike ‘the mighty Liverpool.’

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