Berbaflop has to be sold in the summer

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

This last week has been a disappointing week for Manchester United fans out there. After the loss to Chelsea and failure to progress to the semifinals of the Champions League, we really needed pick-me-up and bounce back. Blackburn seemed like a good chance to do this. But they proved, like they did against Chelsea a few weeks back, that they are damn resilient.

The game itself read like many of United’s frustrating no score draws: plenty of the ball, solid in defense, lacking quality upfront. Nani again shows that he is the Jekyll/Hyde of the team, pulling off a remarkably uninspired performance. Macheda too was a massive letdown. After all the promise of last season when he scored in vital situations, he celebrated his first start in a Premiership game with a disappearing act. You know how it is: you hold a party for a friends birthday, but he (or she) becomes too drunk too early into the night and disappears for the night.

Though it must be said the biggest disappointment came in the form of Berbatov. This dead horse has probably been beaten a thousand times over, but Berbaflop has been too bad for the amount of money we needed to bring him over. Waving and gesturing seemed to be his major contributions to the game and, to be honest, we don’t need anymore of that.

With four games remaining in the season (five for Chelsea and Arsenal) it seems to be a hard slog to regain the Premiership title, with United needing both the other teams to slip up. Our next few games are not the easiest either with matches against a couple of Champions League wannabes, both of whom will fancy themselves the replacements for Liverpool (who, let’s be honest, are not going to be joining us next year).

It is probably a good time to start looking towards the future and next season: how we will bounce back from a potentially trophyless season (the football league cup does not count), what can we do to improve the team, and when will the ownership problem be solved?

Of course one big issue on everybody(who cares about Manchester United)’s mind is Rooney. Before, we used to struggle without Ronaldo. Now with him gone, Rooney has stepped up and shown that he belongs among the world’s greatests. But it seems that the rest of the team has not and again, without one important player, United seem to struggle to get results. A decent striker, who can both work well with Rooney yet also provide a creative spark in his absence is needed urgently, but I guess we’ll have to wait on that.

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  • elvido

    Berba won’t be going anywhere, not unless some one else is stupid enough to fork out 20 mill! He and Owen will play the role of filling in for Rooney and back up, effective or not and the fact that we have young strikers who should get more game time next season.
    I hope Silva does come in, he is left sided and fills the role for creative mid. I am not sure we will see a lot more coming in. The only world class strikers i can think of are Aguero, Villa, Benzema, Fabiano, Suarez. All these players are available but at a price we can’t afford unless there are pleasant surprises coming our way! Maybe more investment in younger talent? That seems to be our approach now anyways.

  • Darren

    sell him to Man City, no doubt they can turn into a world class goal scorer like Tevez!

  • dexylongshot

    I’ll doubt it, he’ll end up in Italy or even the Greek league where his slimy mop will fit in with the countries name nicely.

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