Video replays, yes or no?

by Martin

Monday, December 10th, 2007

With the controversy around the Robbie Keane red card raising the issue once again, I thought we should open the forum out on outside interference in refereeing decisions. Did the ref consult the fourth official before awarding a red for an innocuous tackle? I really don’t know, but what I do know is that he should not have been able to.

As television takes an ever-increasing grip, the soul of the world’s favourite sport is lost. For me human error is as much a part of the game as burly centre halves with moustaches and flouncy wingers who fall over at the drop of a boot. It doesn’t matter if Louis Garcia’s goal crossed the line or not in that infamous game against Chelsea – what matters is that it was given, and that everyone argued about it afterwards. That is what the game is all about – interpretations, discussion and, dare I say it, entertainment.

We all remember the hand of god, the Russian linesman, the Spurs non-goal at Old Trafford – these are landmarks of the game. Would it really be a better spectacle without them? Yes we get angry at the time, yes we feel robbed, but we love to discuss them afterwards – that is part of the fun. The debate in the pub, or at half time over a cool Bovril, is as vital to football as sitting in a windy stadium watching the mighty Foxes lose again.

Bringing video replays into football would kill the game, simple as that. Not only would it often be inconclusive (did the Garcia ‘goal’ cross the line? I have no idea), but it will also suck the life out of the sport and leave us a dull, sanitised game on a par with Rugby Union. What would we talk about if there was nothing to disagree on?

Never forget that football is first and foremost a sport played at all levels. If they can’t have video replays at Crockenhill FC, they should not have them at Stamford Bridge. Lets not let money, Rupert Murdoch and those Sky fans who have never set foot in a real stadium in their lives have any more power….

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  • Darren

    more worrying then that was an incident that took place in the Midlands amateur league this weekend, a referee had to lock himself in his changing room in fear of being beaten up by a team of thugs, he had to call the police from his mobile, good job he had it with him otherwise who knows what would have happened.

    Because of this incident, all the refs in that area went on strike, this is the last thing the amateur game needs. There’s already a shortage of refs as it is.

    Something has to be done, and quickly!

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