Wanted: An English Export

by admin

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The Premier League is full of players from countries from around the world hence why recent rules have been implemented by the FA for Premier League Clubs to name 8 home-grown players in their squads. There are even an increasing number of foreign imports in our game in the Championship and even lower down the league structure. This may be because the Premier League are loaning their imported signings to other clubs as they have too many players in their squad. However, what strikes me is how unusual it is that England as a country does not produce players who move to another league in Europe for example and are successful. The obvious example is when David Beckham moved to the MLS but this was purely to improve his brand and was not about football. Jermaine Pennant is back in England with Stoke City on loan from Read Zaragoza and Matt Derbyshire on loan from Olympiacos at Birmingham City. They both decided to come back to English football after not really setting their respective leagues alight.

I would like to think that the English Premier League is one of the best if not the best leagues to play in and therefore why would a player want to move abroad if he can or has any chance of featuring in the league. Or maybe players are aware of the lack of success for English players in other countries and they may also be aware that the style of football is very different in other countries. Obviously there is the obvious upheaval of moving away, particularly as our players are used to the English way of life and culture. But a question keeps pestering me- is the true reason that our players are not abroad because they simply are not good enough?

I know that football is ever changing but I really cannot imagine an influx of exports into other leagues. When these moves do happen; which usually happen at the end of a footballer’s career, for example, Robbie Fowler, who is in the Australian League with Perth Glory; it is normally reported with a significant amount of attention because it is a rare occurrence.

It is just strange that our league is so consumed by non English players; this can only make the Leagues more interesting as more diverse players have to play together and the attraction of high profile footballers generates more attention and even higher attendances. However, the presence of these players particularly lower down the leagues means that foreign players are taking the place of an English player. This has a detrimental effect on the wider picture of the future of the England national team. The only way to solve this problem is obviously by the interference of the FA who enforce new regulations but also money needs to be pumped into the countries academies.

The simple fact remains- in my opinion, with some exceptions foreign players are purely and simply better players than our home-grown talent. This pains me to say as I am a proud and patriotic fan so I am pleading for this to change. Please!

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  • Tim

    Matt Derbyshire was superb when he first went to Greece.

    The main reason while we hardy export any of our players is they are not technically good enough for la liga or serie a.

  • bob Ellis

    I dis-agree completly, I beleieve the sole reason behind the lack of exports is the money. With the best league in the world comes the most attractive salries and marketing packages.

    We have many players who have the ability to play abroad, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney are 3 examples and I could name several more spread accross each team in the Preimiership, but why would they want to leave for forign soil.

    Players prefer to play within the best league which also explains why we have such a large amount of exports playing in the premiership.

    Several years agao we had amazing success with our imports, Glenn Hoddle at Monaco, Chris Waddle at Marseille, both cult heroes at there respected clubs, Gary Lineker was a success at Barcelona, even though he was played out of postion, Mark Hughes who joined Barcelona at the same time, had relative success before his move to Bayern Munich where he was a great asset for the German Champions. in more recent times we have seen the exports of Paul Gascoigne, David Platt and Paul Ince who all had succesful spells in Italy. Michael Owen breify joined Real Madrid, more to do with the fact he was forced out of Liverpool he never wanted to leave, but again he was a massive success, scoring 16 times in a season where he was used predominatly as a sub, David Beckham was an outstanding player for Real Madrid, helping them to the La Liga in his fuinal season.

    Proffesional players want to play in the best league in the world. In the premier ship they have that chance, no league copmpares technically or financially.

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