Wasted Space

by admin

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

If you were to walk down layer road you would see what used to be the home of the barside, terrace 3 and the family enclosure. Three to many of the sections that were filled by many loyal supporters. These supporters would flood the gates, fill the stands and sing their hearts out to encourage their home team on to win a football match.

The pitch was like a carpet smooth and well looked after, all but two stands were old seat less and compact so that when it was filled, the voices of 4,850 home fans would echo through the stands and onto the pitch to help inspire their team Colchester united, to play well and dig deeper when loosing to overcome obstacles and see off their rivals. This ground saw the likes of Lua Lua, Scott McGleish, Peter Cawley, Micky Stockwell, Reg Stewart, Steve Wignall, Micky Cook and many more players who were apart of Colchester united and got the chance to experience walking out of the tunnel and onto the pitch to the roar of the crowd, the fans clapping and chanting for the team they love and these players where able to walk out wearing the blue and white stripped shirts with pride and passion showing on their faces.

But now if you walk past this home you will see an empty office, tall gates that are never open, but for all those supporters walking past and miss this ground which was once feared by all opponents, there is a tiny gap in the fence were you can catch the smallest glimpse of the tall untrimmed grass where a pitch that used to be smooth like a carpet was, and half knocked down rubble of were the voices of many loyal fans was once heard from.

The only question now is what will become of this ground?. Some say it will be knocked down and turned into houses, some say it will be a sports centre. All I know is four years since closing and this ground is still wasting away untouched.
I only hope that whatever they do with this piece of Colchester’s football history, would be that when it is finally finished there will be something there to remind people that this is where a team saw their reputation built, where they were able to gather a crowd so loyal they would follow their team everywhere. This ground used to make people feel safe for ninety minutes, and now its just wasted space….

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I used to go to Highbury every home game. It was a beautiful ground, decorated in tradition with a unique atmosphere.

    Unfortunately football is now a mega business and tradition no longer plays a part in our clubs history

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