Wayne Rooney – World player of the year – FACT

by Gavin Caney

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

It’s Wayne’s World

Wayne Rooney is in the form of his life, another match winning performance from the world’s best player as United eased past a sorry AC Milan side consisting of ageing stars, some of whom played their final games on the European stage. Forget David Beckham, this was the Rooney show.

At 24 he has already achieved everything possible in the domestic game. With the World Cup a few months away the whole nation will be pinning their hopes on England’s most gifted player since Gazza.

Rooney’s been simply sensational for Man United this season. He’s well on the way to beating Ronaldo’s tally of 42 goals, who ironically will not be talking part in the Champions League quarter finals after sensationally crashing out after a 1-1 draw at the Santiago Bernabéu with Lyon.

There are many other aspects of his play that show his all-round improvement. Rooney is now the key figure at United after Ronaldo’s transfer and so much more play goes through him. He is creative, works hard and is learning to lead the line by himself, an interesting alternative for Ferguson and Capello.

Thankfully he also seems to have controlled his temper without losing his will to win. Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe being made captain on the odd occasion has calmed him down. Some say fatherhood will have mellowed him. Either way it’s a good thing, especially where England are concerned, because Rooney is now more likely to score the winner and less likely to stamp on Ricardo Carvalho’s nether regions.

Rooney is simply United’s heartbeat. He is world-class, a fans favourite and his mere presence lifts the teams and his supporters. Rooney is irreplaceable for United and is becoming as significant as Eric Cantona was for his club, albeit in a different way. Without him it’s fair to say the champions title hopes would be over. Yet it would be a lot worse for England if he were unable to feature in South Africa this summer.

A fully fit Wayne Rooney can terrorise the best defences this summer. He’ll strike fear into teams and is known throughout the world as a top player. He is by far England’s best striker. Imagine going into the tournament with Defoe and Crouch as the front two. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Yes Gerrard and Cole can play off the striker but neither offer the genuine goal-threat and power of a potent Wayne Rooney. More encouragingly for his country he is becoming more of a ‘striker,’ playing further forward and spending more time with his back to the goal. If Capello needs him to be the target man, he can do it. If he wants him to drop deeper, he can still do so to devastating effect.

United and England both have talented players who will do well this season and summer. Yet many have a decent back-up and similar styled players who can do a decent job if they are out. Rooney is simply irreplaceable because of the way he plays the game, especially in this sort of form. He can probably cope with carrying United through the final stages of the season but let’s hope he leaves enough in the tank for this summer. If he still has enough in his engine the world could be Wayne Rooney’s oyster, and more importantly England’s’, in South Africa this summer.

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  • http://Me.com Jim

    I wish people would stop saying Wayne is carrying the club, they said the same about Ronadlo. He isn’t carrying the club, he is doing his job, he is playing as consistent as ever. Each year at Old Trafford his goal scoring tally increases. Its because of his United education he is doing so well and he’ll tell you himself he’d rather the team wins then score goals. Van Der Saar, Vidic, Rio all ‘carry’ the club at some stage, they’re just doing their jobs!

  • stevie

    at this moment in time Rooney and Fabregas are miles ahead of anyone else in the Premier League and maybe Europe! Both seem to be carrying their team

  • dexylongshot

    I predicted that Rooney would win Player of The Season this year. Nothing has changed my mind. I just hope he doesn’t burn out before The World Cup, if we have him in the sort of form he showed this month, we really do have a chance in SA.

  • http://Me.com Jim

    I can’t see Rooney burning himself out, he is thriving at the moment. The World Cup could be very special if he keeps his form up. He is a fabulous player and after watching the Man city game you can see he has matured massively. No arguing when one of the Man City players made a fuss about a challenge. He’s a Dad now too so hopefully he could bring back the World Cup trophy for little Kai!

  • Mike

    He’s not carrying the club, United’s midfield is actually very good, Fletcher and Carrick? Hard-working, creative midfield who do the job week in week out. Rooney is a star player no questions asked, but the midfield play their part as well

  • Gavin

    I see this thread has been re-born. Rooney has only continued to carry United even further since it was written. Milan away is a perfect example. Wazza is turning into a lethal striker who could lead England to glory……if he stays fit.

  • Dexylongshot

    Let’s hope so, Brazil and Spain must be watching him & getting a bit restless, let them have something to worry about in June.

  • mark

    messi is more of a team player than rooney and better. rooney berates team mates for a mis-pass. messi does not.

    Messi >>Rooney

    I feel sorry for man utd players who bust a gut for rooney and don’t take the credits

  • Dave

    No offence Mark but you rtalking utter twaddle mate.

    Rooney works harder than Messi and is much more of a team player. He has a will to win and if he moans at players and United go on to win the European Cup and England do well then so be it.

    Rooney is the best striker in world football at the moment…… FACT!!!!!!

  • dexylongshot


  • Gavin

    I didn’t write the top part of the article, but the bottom was taken from a piece I’ve written ages ago. Rooney’s been absolutely unbelievable this season and let’s hope it continues.

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