Wayne’s time is up.

by admin

Friday, June 29th, 2012

In my own humble opinion Wayne Rooney’s days in an England shirt should be numbered. His performance against Italy, showed us all of what we don’t want to see in our national team, Rooney showed no desire and utter laziness to what was a head in hands evening for most England supporters, I believe we should look elswhere for striking talent and leave Wayne to focus on club football as he never really performs in the major International tournaments.

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  • Adam Parry

    Maxwell, I agree 100%

    The trouble is, Rooney is like Beckham – a name and a brand. He will always be chosen for tournaments (word is that Roy Hodgson was told he had to take Rooney to the Euro’s) so barring injury or him quitting the International set-up, Rooney is going to be selected no matter what.

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