We’re Moaning for England

by James Baker

Monday, December 17th, 2007


Picture the scene. It’s Saturday afternoon, the missus has dragged you out shopping (don’t say it’s never happened to you, we’ve all been there) when you should be watching Grandstand (R.I.P). Everywhere you look there are parents with young children. I fully believe that shopping is the new family experience hobby for most in the UK, a sad state of affairs. Anyway, I digress, you see parents and kids having blow ups all over the place. The child is moaning about something, the parent looks on, haggard, resigned to an argument but has made their decision. It is a battle of wills and we all know who will win.

Picture the scene. It’s Saturday afternoon, and the missus hasn’t dragged you to the shops. Grandstand isn’t even on the telly anymore. But even better than watching sport on the box, you get to watch a game of football. You go along to watch your footballing hero’s and get behind your boys and, usually, there isn’t a child and parent argument happening in front of your eyes. Instead, you have Mum and Dad, played by a referee and the whinging kid played by one of our footballing idols. The Referee, looking haggard and resigned to a flare up but they have made their decision, the Premier League footballer moaning on, incessantly.

I sat watching Match of the Day last Saturday night and could not believe what I was seeing. That is a lie, actually. I have become so used to seeing it that I am becoming increasingly cheesed off with the game I love. The Captain of England, John Terry was tackled by Sunderland’s Liam Miller. A fairly innocuous tackle was taken exception to by Terry and his Chelsea team-mate, Claudio Pizarro. They go to throw their toys out of the pram and remonstrate with Miller and the Referee. Pizarro raises his knee off the ground as if to go to kick Miller, Miller pushes the Peruvian in the face and gets sent off. Which brings me to say, did John Terry got what he deserved in yesterdays game at Arsenal?


I am sick of seeing this kind of thing happening week-in, week-out in the all types of football. Roy Keane commented after that game that it appears you cannot tackle the Captain of England strongly. From where I was sat, there was nothing wrong with the tackle and Terry reacted. Then his mate joined in. Miller was foolish to raise his hands and by the letter of the law, was right to be sent off. However, I feel the real culprits were the two Chelsea players. Why do we put up with this behaviour from these childish idiots? Terry is a good player, I believe overrated, but a good player. I always liked his passion when he first broke in to the Chelsea team. As an Englishman, there was something about his Roy of the Rovers attitude that we like, similar to that of Gerrard at Liverpool. However, I am sick of seeing him and his England team-mate, Ashley Cole surrounding the Referee at every opportunity. Throw in his club mates, Mikel, Makelele, Carvalho and Chelsea are fast becoming the 21st Century’s equivalent to the horrible but successful Leeds team of the late 60’s, early 70’s.

Nearly every single decision is questioned by these players. What kind of an example is this to set the future generation? It isn’t just Chelsea that do it. Nearly all the top teams are at it. Arsenal have been like it ever since Wenger arrived and Man Utd were renowned for it when a certain Mr Keane was playing for them (I wonder if the irony of Roy’s comment regarding Terry is lost on him). I watched a game the other week when Robbie Keane believed he had been brought down and should have been awarded a penalty against West Ham. When he did not get his own way, he went on protesting and moaning about the decision for the next five minutes. I could not believe that the Referee took no action, not even a yellow for his continued noise.

The parents, sorry, I mean Referee’s are not being strong enough regarding this. I am not one to defend Referee’s and do wonder how they come to their decisions sometimes. However, they need to get tougher on these players that are constantly moaning all the time. Yes, everyone gets a bad decision or a decision they believe is wrong but when will players grow up a little and realise that Referee’s do not change their minds and see they are behaving like 5 year olds? You have to get on with it. When England “scored” that try in the Rugby World Cup Final, did you see an English player complain? Of course, they were distraught, they believed they had scored a legitimate try in the biggest competition they could play in. However, they responded like professional sportsmen and got on with the job in hand.

Having said all this, if Chelsea had highlighted the incident involving Arsenal’s Eboue at the weekend, maybe some justice would have been done. Eboue is, in my opinion a horrible piece of work and I am amazed he has never been sent off. He should have gone for that challenge but amazingly, was not even booked.

I also noticed this week that some of the papers are saying that some at the FA are growing tired of Terry’s behaviour on the pitch. I for one will be hoping that Terry will not be England skipper in the future. When will England produce a footballer with a brain, someone who can rise above the playground games and just do his best for the country? Surely the England skipper should have a bit more sense and respect for some of the great England Captain’s of the past and not stain their reputation. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening in the near future and we will keep producing mindless football players. Oh well, I’m off to the shops to see some parent and child arguments. We’re moaning for England, En-ger-land, we’re singing the song!

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  • Cefca

    Eboue didn’t deserve to be sent off at all.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I’m an Gooner myself, but I have to admit, Eboue is becoming a bit of a liability these days. Always play acting, diving, going in late.

  • Pongo

    Terry should and will not be England captain, you’re totally right, he’s is over rated, he actually thinks he is the special one.

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