Weekly Report: Brazilians are good (and bad), but guns are terrible

by Luke Bradshaw

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

That was a bit lucky. Considering how many Chelsea players underperformed – Lampard, Essien, Malouda (the footballing schizophrenic, either incredible or seemingly drunk), Anelka, Torres – Chelsea somehow ground out a win. Torres was ever so slightly better, but there is still work to be done. The other big outlay however, David Luiz, was again, excellent.

Admittedly he could have easily been sent off, but during that game he was dominant. For a newcomer to the Premier League, half way through the season, to look not just at home, but lord of the manor instantly is an incredible feat, the question is can he make it last. At £24m maybe this should be expected, but he can’t control his price, all he can do is play, and that he did.

Although Fergie and Rooney have a very justifiable claim for Luiz’s sending-off, there is the very real sense that Old Trafford is made of glass and their pockets are filled with stones aplenty. The Rooney elbow against Wigan was disgusting. I love Rooney, but the age of red mist and immaturity has gone, he is now a man and should be totally ashamed of himself. If anyone can tell me what provoked him, please do. Fergie and Phelan’s reactions regarding letting the ref ‘get on with it’ is laughable considering their reactions a few days later.

David Luiz is everything Arsenal could have done with. That one moment in the final epitomised why they haven’t won a trophy for so long (relatively). This insecurity could be damaging to them, and the fans just want the monkey off the back. They can be reassured that their team have been linked to Felipe Melo; voted the worst player in Italy in 2009…

Incidentally, Robin Van Persie injured himself while scoring for the second time in recent memory: air in leather can put him out for months at a time, now that is a fragile body.

Elsewhere, regardless of any denial given, Villa have nailed their colours firmly to the league mast with all the star players in the convincing win over Blackburn sitting on the bench for the cup trip to Eastlands. West Ham were brilliant, as was Scott Parker’s goal, which is – no arguments please – one of the best so far this season.

Tips for this week can be rounded up to making sure you look Mark Hughes in the eye, and don’t carry a powerful gun if you’re a professional footballer who the media hate. Or just a professional footballer. Or just anyone. Or if its not that powerful. Just don’t carry guns.

John Hartson was alright on MOTD2, definitely better than the Ginola love-in.

Favourite thing this week: If you’re injured and the club you captain are losing 7-0 at home, how can you convey your thoughts? Step forward Fabrizio Miccoli’s trousers. Alexis Sanchez was incredible though, how Chelsea could do with him on their right wing.

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