Weekly Report: Cesc Comments and an Italian Masterclass

by Luke Bradshaw

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Still in with a shout (albeit a small one) for the league title, and with a new owner taking the reigns, there is nothing wrong with Cesc Fabregas questioning his club’s intentions. His respect for Arsene Wenger is unwavering considering how he has helped develop the Spaniard’s game, but his comments were a reflection on club chairmen and owners, rather than Wenger himself. As the captain he is also fully entitled to raise issues about his club’s future.

The problem is that his comments, along with Van Persie mentioning his side’s ‘criminal defending’ won’t have helped those who have been the criminals. Do they deserve it, probably? Will it help, unlikely.

Fabregas compared this team to the Invincibles, saying that older team knew how to win games. They could do it because they had a wealth of experience to go with the young talent. The stark difference is this current side’s senior players are Fabregas and Van Persie themselves, still in their mid-twenties, not the likes of Vieira, Campbell and Bergkamp. That team didn’t give away leads in the way this one has done this season.

There is no denying that Arsenal are one of the best run clubs in the world, and that should be commended, but if they have serious aspirations about ending this current trophy drought they may have to compromise on their staunch transfer policy. Still, if we see more games like the one at White Hart Lane last night, I’m personally not that bothered, maybe Arsenal fans are though?

Arsenal’s saving grace has been that they’re playing in a perverse parallel Premiership where no one wants to win anything. United and Chelsea are also taking turns to drop points regularly, and the same applies to the bottom of the league.

West Ham and Wolves play well, but never do enough to put together decent runs of form. After promising starts, Sunderland and Blackpool both got scared of success and have done everything in their power to ensure they plummet into a relegation battle just in case their fans got complacent. Any Sunday league player can feel better about themselves after watching Blackpool’s defending; the first one they conceded last weekend was like Cathcart was drunk. And all this while Wembley saw the two worst dressed mangers on Sunday (well done Stoke by the way).

After the news that George Gillett thought Steven Gerrard was gay (based on the fact he has a partner called Alex), Gerrard may have confused the American further with this insight into a beautiful relationship.

On the continent, Barca and Real have kept the Spanish World Series pretty tame thus far, although Barca practically winning the title after the league draw between the two seems to have gone relatively unnoticed – well it would with the CL semis approaching.

In Italy, Dejan Stankovic scored (another) incredible goal, Roma interim boss Vincenzo Montella showed he hasn’t lost any of his class and Gokhan Inler managed to make a brilliant goal incredibly sinister with his comment about ‘friends in Naples….’

Favourite thing this week: Pick this out the net. A scissor kick with unbelievable power and unbelievable tekkers.


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  • billy

    I watched the game on Sunday and last night, not at one stage did I think we’d actually win either of those games.

    We’ve dropped so many points from winning positions this season.
    Sunderland away (last min pen)
    Spuds at home (2-0 up)
    Wigan away (81 min)
    Liverpool home (112 min)
    Spuds away (3-1 up)
    Newcastle (4-0 up)

    that’s at least 11 points we’ve thrown away!

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