Weekly Report: Fergie’s Been Banned and Rio’s Arm Band

by Luke Bradshaw

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

It only took 25 years, but Fergie has been given a five game touchline ban for his comments about Martin Atkinson. Had he not spent his entire career complaining about the incompetence of referees who are genuinely scared of him, he might not have been given quite so many games to ponder his thoughts from above.

Let’s call it preparation for when he retires and oversees whatever poor sole (Mourinho excluded) that ends up there trying to fill his shoes.

If you say that officials aren’t fair, you should be cited. If you repeatedly go on about everyone and everything around you not being as good as you that’s one thing, but to say that officials go out of their way to dent your chances is asking for it. Especially when you consider the amount of dubious decisions that have swayed the way of the moody Scot.

At least the ‘treble is still on’ for United. I’m sorry, but treble talk should only be reserved for May, late April at the absolute earliest. We could go on for ages talking about teams that are still in competitions early on in the calendar year, it wasn’t that long ago that the potential Quadruple was heading to The Emirates…..let’s just say that isn’t happening anymore.

United edged closer to another treble in the same way that Chelsea stayed on track for their Prem/CL double; with relative ease. What was much better than both games was Bayern versus Inter (who incidentally did win a treble last year). Tuesday’s second leg was utterly absorbing and the best game I’ve seen for a long time (if you missed it check out the highlights here). This is what the Champions League is all about; the time when pundits get to say ‘business end’ all the time.

With less football on during the last week (is that right? I might have made that up because Chelsea didn’t play at the weekend), there was much focus on who should captain England. I can’t be the only one who thinks this has got much bigger than it needs to be? So much has been written about what happens if Terry gets the armband, but then Rio returns, but then gets injured, and then gets the armband back, but then has to give it to Gerrard, who can’t give it to Ashley Cole.

So what? They’ll still be playing the same way. And considering morality and social responsibility in regard to these players is a depressingly futile process. Rather than concentrate on righting a great many wrongs in how we play, everyone is concerned with who shakes the other captain’s hand.

Anyway, what we should be concentrating on this week is Ashley Williams; definitely not the way to play a backpass, especially if you’re going to do an even worse one straight after. I don’t know what was worse; that defending or this finishing.

Favourite thing this week: This is an incredible goal, but seeing Ronaldinho kill this ball from the heavens makes me want to cry a little bit.

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