Weekly Report: Surreal Spending and the Best/Worst Tattoo Ever

by Luke Bradshaw

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Like students remembering about their coursework, Prem clubs left everything to the last minute and then rushed around doing all that they could, wise or not.

Liverpool were short on time and in the money with Torres’ impending move, hence the swollen fee for Andy Carroll. Any regulars to these reports (there probably aren’t any) will know how much I love Carroll, but even I baulked. I honestly believe Newcastle pulled a huge figure out of the air thinking it would put Liverpool off; when they agreed, they simply couldn’t turn down that figure, even at such a late stage.

Steven Gerrard must feel like a jilted lover who’s lost his beau, Fernando’s pretty legs following his wandering eyes to the heady lights of London. For those that thought Torres was too loyal to leave Anfield, if he could leave Atletico, he could leave Liverpool.

All that aside, Suarez and Carroll are both good players; the latter is still somewhat unproven but is now under a far better striking tutor in Dalglish than Pardew. Carroll really has only six months of Premiership football under his belt, he should improve but that doesn’t stop it being a gamble.

Kenny is beginning to build a team. I would have perhaps consolidated; content with capturing Suarez and gone for the (currently injured) Geordie giant in the summer. But I’ll say this; at least Liverpool had a clear plan and carried it out.

Spurs, its safe to say, didn’t. “Just get me anyone!” came the cry, from an impatient Harry. Bids or enquiries were made for Forlan, Llorente, Rossi, Carroll, Aguero – no regular train of thought about a specific type of player, any striker would have done.

Rossi had signed a new contract with Villarreal less than a week ago. Is he really any better than Jermaine Defoe? For £30m? The sheer lack of logic began to border on the embarrassing as it became signing a striker because that’s what you do on deadline day.

People scoffed at Darren Bent going to Villa for £24m: two goals in two games so far, proven pedigree that could keep Villa more than safe this season.

Now with the window slammed shut, Newcastle need a striker and Kevin Nolan needs a babysitter.

There was barely any middle ground – either break £20m or get in a loan. The latter already look like good business; Sturridge, Robbie Keane, Andy Reid and Obafemi Martins could all prove to be shrewd business. Ominously though for the rest of the league, Wayne Rooney seems to have shed any sexual/monetary demons that were impeding his imperious ability.

In the shortest European roundup imaginable; Mark Peter Gertruda Andreas Van Bommel moved to AC Milan and promptly got sent off on his debut, Adebayor netted his first goal for Real Madrid, and Bayern teammates Arjen Robben and Tomas Muller got to grips with each other.

And on a final note, Gary Neville did the right thing retiring now; he’s been pretty rubbish recently and he used to be great. I never liked him, but he was very, very good.

Favourite thing this week: In Colombia the most dedicated fan of all time did this!

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  • bloodyhellArri!

    Cant help but feel bloody angry about the huge amount of money changing hands on deadline day. Clubs like pool were throughing money around like it had gone out of fashion, whilst the very people who support these clubs are being layoff- 2000 coucil workers to go in Liverpool alone.

    And where does this money end up? In banks earning interest for the very people who got us in this mess in the first place.

    I am soo soo angry

  • bloodyhellArri!

    And I should add, Spurs where no better!

  • Luke Bradshaw

    I can only agree. It a general problem but one that looks set to stay with us for a while, despite the UEFA initiative.

    Liverpool can justify it by having new owners who want to make a statement and wouldn’t have bought the club if they didn’t then have money to spend.

    The sums being mentioned for Spurs, for any player, were crazy. Surely that money is better off going towards new stadium plans?

  • bloodyhellArri!

    I read on many blogs that the Liverpool match was only 3/4 full, even with their new signings, is this dispondancy over Torres or the lack of money?

    As for Spurs we have a problem with our strikers, thats clear for all to see but Arri could have, should have, brought Suarez when they had the chance at the start of the transfer window, most probably for a lot less than Liverpool paid. So so embarrasing what happened on the last day!

    As for the proposed new stadium, money is just not an issue! Which makes me just as angry.

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