Weekly Report: Wasted on Wilshere, a terrible tattoo and one very excited Geordie

by Luke Bradshaw

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Jack Wilshere played really well last night. He did this because he is an excellent player – my friend says better than Fabregas – maybe not yet, but there is no reason for him not to be one day. His composure in unerring, but last night’s defensive role cannot be a regular task given to him.

Firstly, it didn’t work so well. Christian Eriksen revelled in the space he had, particularly in the first half, but this is not to say that any blame should fall solely upon the feet of the Arsenal prodigy.

Secondly, and more importantly, is that this screening role goes against all Wilshere’s natural instincts and it is these that should be allowed to blossom, rather than beaten into submission.

Wilshere’s ability as a technically astute linkman should be nurtured and caressed. Asking him to play the way he did last night is like asking a conductor to sit in the audience as he watches his orchestra try to create harmony in the same way he would. They’d manage to play it well enough, but without the extra flourish and coordination that makes his role so integral.

This is clearly still very early on in his career, but Wilshere should be encouraged, not entrenched with an unnecessary workload.

Sticking with international football briefly, Carlos Tevez was punished for dropping out of a friendly with Brazil, by being dropped for a friendly against Portugal. Hmmmm.

Back to domestic matters. The capitulation of Arsenal at St James Park was an incredible thing to watch. In real time, even as early as Best’s disallowed goal, there was a real sense that this comeback could happen. Rarely have I seen such self-destruction; Newcastle didn’t even have to be that good, although good doesn’t even begin to describe Tiote’s equaliser. The goal is nearly as good as this commentator’s reaction to it.

Robert Huth continued his role as fantasy football’s dream man with two goals and an assist in Stoke’s 3-2 win. Speaking of which, a fantasy side with Saha, Tevez and Van Persie would have ripped leagues to pieces the land over.

We were all asked to sympathise with Nicklas Bendtner because he can’t go skiing as much as he would like. If he’s interested I would happily sacrifice skiing (I say sacrifice, I don’t ski) if it meant I could earn his wage for slamming shots into the furthest reaches of the Emirates stadium and onto the Holloway Road.

After the transfer window closed came the news that Liverpool and Chelsea both missed out on signing Mario Gomez for around £30m. Dodged. A. Bullet. I would have shed a tear if we had parted with any amount of money for that very special level of ineptitude. I’d rather have Shefki Kuqi – well done Pardew, that will really soften the blow of Carroll’s departure – desperate times and all that I guess.

Favourite thing this week: Learning foreign languages can lead to grammatical mistakes, at least you can erase…oh wait…no you’ve etched into your own neck….i see…..Well done John Carew.

As well as this particularly impressive piece of refereeing/bribery/laziness/total misunderstanding of the basic rules of what is in essence, quite a simple game.

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  • Stan

    Wilshire is to good to be a holding defensive player. Arsenal have Song for that job. Give it a few years and Wilshire will add goals to his game, Fabregas will be at barca by then. No doubt they will come knocking on the door for him too!

    I wouldn’t worry to much, Postman Pat will be gone very soon.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    The kiD is class, let’s Capello doesn’t ruin his career!

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