Wenger: “Schwarzer’s too old…it’s all about the youth”

by Gossip Gordon

Friday, October 8th, 2010

The real talk this week has been about ageing goalkeepers. One of them, Edwin Van De Sar, looks set to retire to a world of cocoa, Countdown and lunch-time golf, while Mark Schwarzer is looking to prolong his career with a stint at Arsenal, where his job is likely to entail keeping goal, and babysitting Jack Wilshere and friends when mum and dad are out.

So, what do you think of the latest rumours? Who will replace the evergreen Van De Sar and is Schwarzher really any better than Almunia? The floor is yours…

The Real Talking Points

Manchester United goal-keeping coach Eric Steele has said that Edwin Van De Sar may retire at the end of the year. United have been heavily linked with Danish keeper Anders Lindegaard and with CSKA Moscow’s Igor Akinfeev.

Mark Schwarzer has reiterated his desire to leave Fulham for Arsenal. Given that Arsene Wenger tends to avoid players over 30 like the plague, my advice to Schwarzer would be to look for another club or if desperate, a Nigerian passport.

Meanwhile, Lassana Diarra has said he may leave Real Madrid. Manchester United are interested in the French international, who boasts an impressive CV of Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea…and Portsmouth.

Barcelona see Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez as the ‘ideal foil’ for Lionel Messi, according to The Daily Mail. I am not a fan of Tevez, whose skill appears to be in running around a lot, but at least it might help Barca ‘wrap up’ the Champions League.

Big News if it Happens

Tottenham’s Niko Kranjcar just wants to play football. Everton and Villa are interested in trying to help help him out.

Luis Fabiano now wants to join Spurs. The Brazilian rejected the North London side in the summer, but has spent the majority of the season on Seville’s bench.

Glen Johnson, fresh from the reality that Liverpool are going nowhere fast, is taking Spanish lessons in a bid to earn a move to Real Madrid. Online sources say that he will follow-up these lessons with tactical advice and, if he’s got time, a session on how to defend.

Brazilian Neymar still wants to join Chelsea.

Spurs want Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema.

Sven became Leicester’s new boss this week. Spare a thought for Sven look-a-like Derek Williams who, having previously been able to attract paying customers anywhere in England or somewhat less likely, Ivory Coast, must now convince punters in Leicester to pay him for being a bloke who looks like Sven.

Other News Thats Barely Interesting

Federico Macheda may go on loan to Everton or Lazio.

Patrick Viera will probably retire at the end of the season. Not that anyone will notice.

John Carew may leave Aston Villa on a free at the end of the season. Which means, almost by default, that Stoke and Blackburn will be interested.

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  • rommel

    really interesting piece of writing. i respect what you do. i sincerely hope u realise your comment will alienate a lot of fans you have in Nigeria. i can’t fathom why exactly you are propagating xenophobic brouhaha about my country. i understand your freedom of expression and stuff plus privilege that comes with it. but, my fellow gunner why are u spiteful. i suspect it is a case of a joke coming out badly.

    no biggy. anyway keep doing what you do. up gunner. no more political incorrect statement! just arsenal, just football……….beautiful football i must say.

  • GoonerEris

    So, where did you get the Wenger quote from? Very misleading headline, i daresay.
    Carew to join Stoke/Blackburn by default? Very funny indeed.

  • Omo naija

    “Mark Schwarzer has reiterated his desire to leave Fulham for Arsenal. Given that Arsene Wenger tends to avoid players over 30 like the plague, my advice to Schwarzer would be to look for another club or if desperate, a Nigerian passport.”
    I think this is quite an unfortunate and stupid statement slating a whole nation. it is indeed a bad joke in bad taste

  • dexylongshot

    Tevez’s skill is running around alot??
    Have you forgotten he has scored 25 in his last 30 games???

  • Gossip Gordon

    I am not slating Nigeria at all! It has been widely-speculated that a lot of Nigerian players are older than official documents suggest. Do you really think Kanu is 34?

  • Omo naija

    So now your type of journalism is based on speculation! How pathetic? I guess it was a mistake reading your rubbish and since you are unrepentant, I guess i will leave you to your homophobic and racist writing, i only pray more idiots like you don’t pick up on this bandwagon.

  • goonerNigeria

    What’s the noise about slating Nigeria? It’s no news dat our players glaringly lie about their ages and they seem to have a way of not keeping their secrets well. It’s an image we Nigerians are trying to blur and the earlier every blog and tabloid tags us in a funny line the faster we repent. Kanu is a lot older than Roger Milla @ USA ’94. U don’t need a bone test to see dat. Little wonder we flourish at age group tournaments only. Nice note Gordon. If Schwarzer needs champs league, he’ll have to do it from the Spuds bench. And I really doubt that.

  • Gossip Gordon

    I think you’re taking the blog a little too seriously, Omo! It is based on rumours after all. As your drivel about ‘homophobic and racist writing’; I’ve never read such rubbish in my life.

  • kaymech

    You must be very stupid Dexy Den, howdare you slate my country like that. Even if it is a general perception u dont have to state it in your write up…for this statement…i guess you are losing a potential visitors as well as many millions of nigerian visors to your crap blog….RRRRUUUUUUBBBBIIIISSSSSHHHH

  • Joker

    Seriously people, it’s a joke, its not an insult to anyone. It’s saying that if Schwarzer got a Nigerian passport, he could make himself younger, as did 15 of the supposed Nigerian U17 squad players! And countless more in the past. That is all. Keep Smiling =D x

  • Duane

    Good job Gossip Gordon at displaying your ignorance and insensitivity. Does Kanu represent the entirety of the nigerain nation? i would not call you racist but ignorant at best.

  • taj

    really ignorant of you to label all nigerians like that. should all english people be called rascist, all because a few of you are? as for the dummy that said it is a known fact, am sure you only agreeing because you want a british visa.

  • Pathetic

    Some of you moaners are pathetic. Everyone knows MANY Nigerian footballers have lied about their age. I don’t see any racial slurs, so what’s the problem?

  • Rami

    The world has gone PC crazy. Nigeria has the biggest reputation in the world for identity theft and people faking their age for a reason. Stereotypes don’t just come out of nowhere but why can’t people just have a laugh at themselves anymore without getting the hump. I’m Irish Indian and most our our stereotypes are true, not for everyone but who cares???

  • goonerNigeria

    It is really degrading to see Nigerians moan like this. I dunno what u guys read but I don’t see racism here. Nigeria is a country and not a race. Our players are known for age cheating and coincidentally they carry Nigerian passports. English players are overrated and over hyped and dat is also the truth. The age cheating is ruining our football and it’s just a Nigerian thing. No SUPER EAGLE will play like Drogba is at his current age or like Milla at 42. Did u think Kanu was always that slow? Then go watch Japan ’93 or his career at Ajax. I’d say this, it was a joke against Nigerian football players and not the black race. It’s pathetic u guys chose now to broaden your minds; and for the maga who said I need a british visa, I think that’s the best piece of paper u ever acquired. I suggest you all watch BOONDOCKS season 3, the 4th episode titled ‘The Story Of Jimmy Rebel’. I know u all would call that racist but the fact is it was done by blacks. Keep it real all u gooners, I think Gordon would have a rethink before making a joke next time.

  • stevie

    sorry, but i’m totally confused here, what is wrong with some people? If I said David Ginola wasn’t that quick as he like a fag before and after a game as the french smoke more (he was just on Talk Sport saying exactly that) then the English would that be racist?

    Well said GoonerNigeria by the way, you obviously know your facts!

    As for everyone else, get out of your arses

  • mike

    nothing wrong with this article at all, some people are just a little bit to sensitive.

    In fact, it’s a refreshing piece of journalism written with humor and facts.

    Keep it up Gordon! The media world is full of Alan ‘no opinion’ Shearers for my liking!!!!!

  • goonerjim

    “really ignorant of you to label all nigerians like that.”

    Be grateful that he didnt mention that 65% of all financial scams in europe are run by nigerians.

  • http://www.youtube.com/svenalike Svenalike

    Thanks for the name check Dexy but no sympathy is required mate.
    I have been a regular on TV, TV ads, videos as well as the after dinner and live event and show circuit again this year and almost as active as ever since going pro in 2004.
    My own career has been pretty much un-effected by Sven’s activities or location since the chaotic soccer and world cup season 2005 / 2006 with the exception of a few extra appearances in Manchester, a world news provocing assignment in Mexico and three extra appearances in Nottingham. Otherwise more than a 100 agents who represent me across the UK and around the world appear to find a steady flow of work with clients who enjoy my totally uncanny impression of such an iconic and much loved guy and the comedy and unique material of my own act…..

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