Wenger or the board – Just go now please

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

I wrote this blog in September, we are now over half way through the season so I would like to see what all the Wenger lovers think now.

Last season, it took an embarrassing 8-2 spanking at the hands of Arsenal’s once bitter rivals to force Wenger to actually spend some money. All be it, very average ones. Arteta aside, the others were, and are still not good enough to play for Arsenal. It was a lot different this time, as we actually did some decent business early on, but that was it.

From an Arsenal perspective, transfer deadline day was supposed to be the day Wenger finally spent the 40m made from the RVP & Song sales. As suspected, it didn’t happen. I’m starting to think Wenger is a con man. Year after year we are promised signings to replace the ones that depart. We never get them. All you hear is Arsenal are linked with….. It’s depressing. The man is completely deluded if he thinks this squad can challenge for honours. This is Arsenal FC, one of the proudest clubs in Europe. Yet we have become a total laughing stock. We are the little smelly boy in the playground with no mates who all the big boys pick on. Do you want our players? Oh, ok then. Give us some cash and they are yours. Forget about doing swaps or loan deals. De Jong went to AC Milan for 3.5 m. Why didn’t we go for him? Berbatov went to Fulham for 4m. These are players with Premier League experience. Why oh why do we waste money on players who take time to settle in? That’s what pre-season is for. Man United do all their business early and start the season with the players already bedded in. Unfortunately, we do things differently. We were still playing Chamakh pre-season. Why? To get more money for him. It back fired as everyone knows he is crap. We’ll be 15 points behind City & United before Wenger realises our squad isn’t good enough. By then, Walcott, Vermaelen & Wilshire will want out too.

The departures of Nicklas Bendtner (Juventus) and Park Chu-Young (Celta Vigo) were heralded as good moves for the club, as two “deadwood” players were flushed away leaving the club a bit thin in terms of attacking personnel. I thought these were loaned out to bring in new players?

We were linked with concrete moves for a host of players in the forms of Angel Rangel, Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote, Michael Essien, Edin Dzeko, Ibrahim Affelay, Daniel Sturridge, Lucas Biglia, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Yann M’Vila. It was believed that a certain amount of players in the aforementioned list would arrive at the club, but no-one did. JOKE!

Michael Essien was clearly out of favor at Chelsea, but Roberto di Matteo opted to loan him to Real Madrid instead of Arsenal, because he didn’t want to strengthen a rival. The words “strengthening a rival” yes, you read that right. Don’t sell or loan your players to a rival. Hilarious.

The arrivals of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud made up for the loss of Van Persie. They haven’t delivered yet, but it’s early days I guess, although it must be said, one of them is actually a winger, meaning we have one strikerHowever, the loss of Alex Song to Barcelona for 15m was great business in my mind. Well, it would have been if we would have signed a direct replacement for him.

The Rennes hierarchy had stated that Yann M’Vila was going nowhere and Newcastle slammed a mammoth price tag of £20m for Yohan Cabaye. With Arsenal missing out on Nuri Sahin and Michael Essien, Cheick Tiote seemed like the perfect replacement for Song. In my mind he’s one of the best midfielders in the league and would have been the idea player for us. Again, we looked at him but did nothing.

I also don’t get what Wenger sees in Abou Diaby, the man is a tool. He gives the ball away far too much, offers nothing going forward and will be injured within a month.

Wenger on the other hand, has stated that his team is going to prove their critics wrong yet again, (blah, blah, blah, finishing 4th is not proving your critics wrong. Winning the title is)

“You never expect much from us, but we always have a good potential to surprise you, If I listened to the predictions on the same day last year, it was predicted we would finish between 10th and 15th. We finished third.”

“There are instant reactions on Twitter, on radio and the internet. That tells you a lot about the emotion in modern society. Society has moved from having a distance to events, to becoming highly emotional.

“I think it’s better to think before you say something. It’s easy to speak.”

The only reason we finished in the top 4 last season was because as per usual, the Spuds bottled it and Chavski had already set their sights on winning the Champions League.

So, Wenger lovers, feel free to slag me off. I know this is a badly written blog but you catch my drift.

Arsenal FC will NOT win a trophy with Wenger and that stupid American TWAT at our club. There. I said it.

And the record, those of you who say Arsenal players don’t further their careers when they leave, then how comes they’ve won 44 trophies in the last 7 years to our 0.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    of course we all want the best. but we also want the truth!

    Pep Guardiola will be seeking employment next season, so who knows. Get rid of the American Twat, put Wenger upstairs and who knows!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    even if Tiote did, he still would have been on the same wage that Song was on. You’re not telling me he’s on that much at Newcastle!

    Players should want to play us. They don’t. And it can’t just be about money

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @Andy, it’s not 2 games in. It’s since that 2-2 draw at Birmingham!

    One cup final and nothing else. Shocking return

    and for the record. Adam Johnson would offer us more than Diaby does!

  • Mike

    @mystical mike – “That is why we are pissed off!. No, surveys have shown that the vast majority are not pissed off. Just you and a few other weak minded individuals. It’s pathetic the way people spout this unsubstantiated bile as though it has some authority.

  • tomNW5

    Badly written. Says nothing new. I don’t agree with any of it.

    See you at Anfield.

  • Philip

    The club has lost its soul, and because of that it’s losing all it’s best players.

    We are a stop gap for players who aren’t quite ready for the big boys yet

  • Philip

    I’m with author here. He rest of you are just as deluded as the board

  • andy

    At the end of the day….

    You either support the 11 players arsenal put out or you don’t.

    I do what about you mystic???

  • andy


    Fanbase can afford £1o0k a week max

    Oil sales can times that wage 10x plus…. when do you understand?

  • andy

    Mystic.. I respect that you have let me have my opinion..
    but I cannot sit up all night waiting for a response.
    IU have to get up tomorrow to earn a wedge (like Arsenal).
    and not get daddy to fund my life (like Chelsea)
    I am sure you may learn about basic economics one day..

  • jason

    this article sounds like it has been written by an Hysterical schoolgirl who missed out on getting justin beiber tickets. face facts arsenal is a business, ,and arsenal did pretty good business this summer. there are young players that will step up. coq and frim to excellent examples. they will be going into an experienced midfield. suporters need to start supporting the club. lets face it most of us couldnt manage our under fives soccer club. stop the whinging and except we are a well run club who have bought well this season.

  • gary d

    list the invincibles? andy what relevance does that have to here and now,the club then had a winning mentality the spirit of adams and co,with david dein pulling the strings in the boardroom. now we have a manager who hides behind the moral high ground of balancing the books as excuse not to win .

  • Herman

    Now Eat That you TWAT!!! Arsenal won. what else do you have to say? We did not win in style as how you want it? Arsene knows and you don’t have a single clue as what you are even writing about.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I’m happy to get a big plate, and put my words on it. We were superb today, Diaby was immense, Carzola was like Fabregas with pace, Arteta’s tackling and tracking back was a joy to watch. We looked as solid as I’ve ever seen us. We look like a different side without Song leaving massive gaps.

    Yes, I so want to proved wrong and I hope I am.

    City away, Chavs at home will be be the true test

    Vandinckle, what a cock! Ha ha!!!!!!

  • andy



  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @Andy Comment removed.

    Come on your Gunners!!!

  • David Riley

    100% spot on great blog just wish this French twat would read it and what I’ve written almost the same for two years,welcome to the world of accontant wenger and a man who thinks gervinho up top instead of Walcott makes sense or not signing Parker for. 6mill or deem a ba for 7mill is still a great manager,he is a clown who i want gone yesterday!

  • http://Arsenalblognews Hamzik olamilekan

    It’s time 4 gadiolar or any other coach to come in,wenger is expected to resign after 2morrow’s match

  • Matthew L

    Really poorly written, it barely makes sense.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @Matthew I take it that’s because you haven’t actually got an opinion? It makes perfect sense

  • Matthew L

    @Mystical Mike ‘Last season, it took an embarrassing 8-2 spanking at the hands of Arsenal’s once bitter rivals to force Wenger to actually spend some money. All be it, very average ones.’ That sentence alone makes no sense at all, and the rest of the article is littered with similar errors.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    come back when you’ve actually got an opinion on the subject matter.

  • Faraway fan

    Definitely a good blog cos you get many positive & negative responses, though I don’t even know which side is positive or negative anymore. As a arsenal fan, the only truth right before our eyes is that Arsenal is no longer an elite club in Europe. I quite certain at my heart we will not win anything this season or maybe next season too if thing don’t change.

  • Mike

    I’d much rather see the plastic fans who only ever moan go before Wenger r the Board. It’s the bloodymoaners that will drive me away from this club and I had my first season ticket in ’68. What is it with some people that they are quite willingly to slag of something they don’t understand without any semblance of logic to their arguments but because they know how to create a blog they think it means they know how to run a Premiership club too. Speculation and opinion are healthy but some people just thing by stating something as though it’s a fact actually makes it one. They are so much more detrimental to the club than Wenger of the Board will ever be as they promote anti-Arsenal feeling on the back of uniformed guesswork and a complete lack of rationale. It is they who should go. More cheering on the terraces and less booing might actually help the players.

  • http://yahoo.com gab.O

    Wenger is a stubborn mananger who loves his own pocket, he don’t want pay players the needed money. Wenger and the board should go. The team has a lot of flops. No more loan sell them.

  • David Riley

    All these people who still defend this clown wenger even though he has money to spend and before you we’re saying he had none and let’s ba go to CDC even though he said he is good and was cheap this manager plays gervinho upfront and called him good!This idiot has no idea if he thinks gervinho is good as he clearly. Is total shite and I don’t get 7mill to see this,we will always be a massive club with wenger or without him I will say thanks for what you did for us but you are stale and I’m sick of your excuses year in year out about our lack of arsenal class players!wenger out out out now

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    he let a proven goal scorer go for 7m for Christ sake! Ba was gamble but so was Gervinho and one that has back fired badly!

  • David Riley

    Even if he took us down some on here would still defend him,I’ve been Afc since 78 and my love of them and hate for the way we are run at the mo I.e 4th is a trophy and arsenal putting money before cups drives me up the wall why can’t others see this,we are a money cow not interested in cups anymore or the fans!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    even QPR are showing more ambition then us


  • Wolfgang

    If Arsenal don’t get the cl spot, Wenger shd .He has been given more time compared to other managers and has failed to get the gunners firing because of his flawed policies.

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