Wenger’s Sanity in doubt.

by Jonathan Daniels

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Benjamin Franklin once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With this definition in mind events at the Emirates stadium on Sunday could lead some Arsenal supporters to question the mental health of their manager.

Sunday 28th August 2011 will be a date forever etched on the minds of Arsenal and Manchester United supporters alike, remembered with very differing degrees of fondness. For Arsenal fans it was the nightmarish day when their defence was repeatedly torn to shreds by a rampant United side. One of the main causes of Arsenals demise that day was Theo Walcott’s inability to offer defensive cover to the inexperienced Carl Jenkinson, ultimately resulting in the young full back prematurely enjoying the luxuries of the Old Trafford Jacuzzi.

Fast forward 5 months and another Arsenal full back sadly bereft of cover could be found loitering in the changing rooms as the game rumbled on. Although on this occasion the decision to remove a struggling defender was made by Arsene Wenger rather than the referee, but in the eyes of many gunners this epiphany of Wenger will have come 6 months and 45 minutes too late.

Johan Djourou was left completely exposed by highflying wingers with little interest in defending. Only unusually lax final passes from Nani and some poor finishing from Welbeck prevented another United romp over Arsenal. Wenger’s failure to correct his tactical errors of his teams first meeting with United was a cause of anxiety for Arsenal supporters throughout Sunday’s tense encounter.

Supporter’s taunts of “you don’t know what your doing” directed at Wenger, following the decision to remove the excellent Oxlade-Chamberlain in favour of the out of sorts Arshavin, conveyed their loss of faith in the Professor. Wenger’s resolve to persist with his now dated footballing philosophy appears to be testing the patience of inhabitants of the Emirates and with the threat of the removal of Champions league football on the horizon the sun may be starting to set on the Professors time in London.

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  • DJ

    You silly wally, we have 5 fullbacks out give Wenger a break you useless commoner.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    we have 5 full backs out but only 1 of them is any good! That’s the point, he won’t spend any money.

    When was the last time we excited about a signing?

    Its time for him to go. Fresh blood needed on every level.

  • Cazza

    I pissed off after the lies surrounding the Oxo sub. Wenger said he was I’ll during the week and was fatigued. Then RVP said he had a calf strain so fair to sub him. Then oxo said I wasn’t fatigued, nor did I have a calf strain. FFS? If you are going to lie then get your shit stories straight first. I’m sick of bad tactics been swept under the carpet with lies. Wenger getting in my tits now!

  • Northbanksy

    I’m fed up with the lack of tactics!!!!

  • DR

    Cazza, there were no lies. Wenger and his team have a LOT of experience and information on Chamberlain and know if a guy’s starting to fatigue a lot better than a kid who’s probably off his face on adrenaline.

    I believe the quote is Einstein and not Franklin but the point still stands, I know Wenger likes to have faith in players but Arshavin has been too average for too long and whilst having talented kids like Chamberlain/Miyachi/Afobe, hell even Henderson looked tidy in his few appearances last season, there to come in and stake a claim there is a need for another guy who can give us something from out wide, goals mostly.

  • James

    5 full backs out. hahaha. one full back out, Sagna, the others are all worse than those that played on Sunday. What sort of fucking moron actually believes the shit Wenger comes out with.

  • John

    The heroes of the keyboard think that Wenger is fair game. Insanity now, what will it be next? Well done boy, disrespect suits you.

  • joe

    You all miss the point.

    Its tactics, you have no full backs so you adapt, play 442 so the wide midfielders can help the stand in fullbacks. but oh no the mental wenger keeps doing the same things no matter what the situation 433
    433 433 433

  • g clarke

    arsenal should start sueing people making statments like yous dammaging club

  • Hannington

    The article above has sumed it up! Wenger should be let to go. He has failed even to master the English game. No chage of tactics, poor recruitement, over trusting or trying to cover up his poor signings, poor substitions, etc.

    I strongly believe the Economics graduate should be appointed to work with the Financial department at Emirates if the Board loves him so much!,but not being in charge the Team.

  • Slacker

    “arsenal should start sueing people making statments like yous dammaging club”

    Congratulations youth, you’ve just made the most retarded comment posted on any football blog anywhere for at least five minutes.

    What a fucking nob jockey 🙄

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