Wesley Sneijder Liverpool deal looks increasingly likely

by Michael Somerville

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Inter Milan’s Wesley Sneijder’s odds of signing for Liverpool this month have been slashed to 2/1.

The talented midfielder has been long linked with Manchester United but demanding wages and a stubborn refusal to play for his club have put off the Manchester side. A deal for Galatasary still looks his most likely destination, but the player has given the Merseyside club impetus to claim his signature. Metro reported that Sneijder said: “It’s not a question of money. Look, like all of the players who have to decide what to do and where to go before Jan. 31, I have that time. I’m not in a rush and I won’t be rushed.”

Brendan Rodgers now looks to declaring a more concrete interest in Sneijder after BetVictor cut their odds on the Dutchman joining the Rodgers revolution at Anfield. Rodgers has consistantly maintained that his team is a ‘work in progress’ but perhaps after the 2-1 defeat to Manchester United, where star striker Luiz Suarez remained isolated for much of the game, the Liverpool manager has reconsidered signing a star attacking midfielder who could give new signing Daniel Sturridge and fans favourite Suarez some much needed service.

The deocrated midfielder won the Italian League, Cup and Champions League treble with Inter in an extraordinary 2010.

The club sold Charlie Adam to Stoke City last summer in an attempt to cut the wage bill and now appear serious about filling the hole left by the Scotsman with an energetic and creative midfielder who can take Liverpool to the next level.

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  • ste

    Sneijder wouldnt fit in at mankychester Utd as they just bypass midefield byt HOOOOOOOFING it up to RVP or their star Scouser.

  • tommy

    just hope we get him , i believe he’ll do much to the liverpool play ,

  • Philip

    Very over rated player. They can have him

  • Slick Slickington

    – Keep The Faith Roger’s Renaissance YNWA J4T96 – Wavertree ’86 –

  • Nick

    You’ve never seen Sneijder play, did you?
    Would be the best midfield signing possible.
    Unless you think Barcelona are willing to sell Iniesta…… 😛

  • Leffe

    Very over rated…..that’s funny.

    Never seen him play for his last 3 clubs then?

  • http://www.Facebook.com Jim

    Liverpool are not interested in him.

  • Darby Alman

    Kind of player we need to progress and attract quality players and be in the top four every year

  • Roland

    Not going to happen. He is not British and is too cheap.

  • Brad

    Odds being “slashed” does not equal interest from a club. Odds are based on the amount of media talk about a player and lower odds are just bookmakers hedging against the possibility that anyone knows what the hell they are talking about. Doubt Sneijder is going to Liverpool but it would be nice.

  • jonathan

    As long as liverpool are not buying quality players, they’ll never be in the champions league again, trust me

  • Best

    Sneijder tells Liverpool he will only join them on condition that Jamie Hoofer Carragher is no longer with the club. Sneijder vows never to be a team mate of any so-called footballer who is as technically- and tactically-inept as the frigging Carragher.

  • Gano1

    FSG have cleared his wages getting Cole and Sahin off the bill last week, Sneijder will join Liverpool, wait and see?

  • maddy

    As long as Joe Allen play wit Gerald n Lucas they wound play in champion league. Drop Joe Allen sign a quality player like sneijder

  • daniel

    First glance i don’t see lfc buy Wesley S because of his age and i think lfc will not do the same error that they did on Carol. WS is a player who is injured very often.

  • Taff

    Best, are you stupid

  • http://newsnowliverpool swaleh

    for fuck sakes he is freakin snieder! what u mean he is overated if he comes to lfc it will be a brilliant business for us imagine gerrard suarez and snieder in one team a guy can dream!

  • Realholidayreports

    BR wont sign Sneijder because he doesn’t know what a world class player looks like.
    Plus he’s have to drop his son Allen

  • ai

    reina 12
    enrique 8
    allen 8
    borini 6
    downing 10
    carroll 15
    pacheco 2
    henderson 12

    begovic 10
    chielini 25
    strootman 20
    eriksen 25
    belhanda 15
    wanyama 15
    mertens 20


  • scouser4life

    ssshhhhhh wat a nob u r

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